Tuesday, December 6, 2011

November Books...

*** My 30 week appointment (30 weeks, y'all!!!) is tomorrow so I'll post then about Baby Brother! ***

I'm a little embarrassed to tell you that the only book I finished in November was Nora Roberts' Carnal Innocence. It's not her typical trashy read, though. (I mean, it might've been a little trashy, but not nearly as some I've read.) I found it on my bookshelf one day when I was in need of a non-thinking book (I'm reading a few nonfictions right now) and decided to try it. (Bess, I think you might've loaned it to me...in college?!?! Want it back?)

The book was actually a murder mystery with a little romance mixed in. It's set in Mississippi and at first I thought the "accents" and the Southern good 'ol boy routine were going to drive me crazy. I got past them, though, and really enjoyed it!

I'm still working on a few of the same that I've been dragging through the past few months. I have just not had time to read! James keeps me SO busy during the day and at night I'm exhausted. I think I'm forgetting how pregnant I actually am. (I had to be reminded I'm in the THIRD trimester.) Hopefully I'll have a better update at the end of December. :) Ha!

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haha- you can keep it :)