Monday, December 5, 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Oh my heavens, what a FUN weekend! This was our last weekend where we had no other obligations on our calendar...and I left it that way on purpose. We had lots of fun Christmas traditions to get started on and I couldn't WAIT.

On Saturday morning our Elf on the Shelf, George (so named because James wanted to name Baby Brother "George"), was here!!! This is, if you can believe it, the THIRD year that George has been our elf, but since James wouldn't have gotten it before this year, Santa asked if George could please continue his work in the North Pole. OF COURSE, we permitted him to stay there but we are thrilled to have him here this year!

George pulled out all the stops on Saturday morning. We had a breakfast casserole, doughnuts, and hot chocolate waiting for us when we woke up (bright and early!) and he even brought everyone a gift!

He put out my Christmas china and I was thrilled for an excuse to use it!

The customary North Pole gift is, of course, Christmas tree ornaments. James got three new ornaments - a Santa pirate, a pirate ship, and a UGA snowman. George brought me a camera ornament and a popcorn ornament and Daddy got a toolbox ornament. All very cute on our tree!

James got a few other goodies from George to thank him for being sweet and to remind him to listen and mind! George brought reindeer antlers, a snowman apron, an elf that can be played with (George will lose his magic if we touch him), and a microphone. I'm not sure how George knew, but the microphone has been the BIGGEST hit!

I'm still pretty sure James doesn't understand, but he DID get very excited to look for our elf Sunday morning. It was SO cute. (And George came a little early on Friday night and set our table before James went to bed. I wish I had his reaction to that on video. He yelled "Happy Day!" over and over. Ha! Sweet boy!

Sunday after church we made our annual trip to Bass Pro to see Santa!



James was SO EXCITED about sitting with "Ho Ho" this year. He kept saying, "I sit Ho Ho's wap." I assumed he'd get up there and not do it or burst into tears but he was SO BRAVE.

After he chatted with Santa for a while he walked off and asked to see the boats and the fish like it was all no big deal. :) Later, we saw Santa (another one) at Dillard's and he chatted with Santa like they were best buds! SO funny! I am thrilled he wasn't scared this year!

He was, however, scared of this bear when Eddie plopped him down in front of it. This picture was after a minute of explaining that the bear wasn't real (yes, I know it is but that was easier than saying it was dead!). He still wasn't thrilled to be there and wanted to be picked up quickly!

And looking at the fish! 

Big boy was SO sweet this weekend. He was on his best behavior (most of the time) and was just a joy to be around. I told him over and over how proud I was of him and I hope we have more days like we had this weekend!

As a funny sidenote, on Sunday night Eddie laid down with James (bedtime ritual) and asked that I come wake him up at 9:00. When I walked in Eddie was snoring away and James looked up at me and just grinned. Ha! Poor thing was having to try to fall asleep to the sound of his daddy sawing logs! Bet this happens every night!

Hope y'all had great weekends as well!

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