Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Update...

Edited to add another picture!

We had another busy weekend!

Friday after we left the doctor's office, James and I came home and packed up his bags for a weekend trip. He spent the whole weekend at Grandmama and Granddaddy's and was SO excited about going! On Friday morning he would say, "Mama! Neeny!" (translation, "Grandmama! Granddaddy!") and run to the door. Every time this happened I told him it would be a little while longer and he was devastated. Lots of tears on Friday morning. When we got packed up and left he house to pick Eddie up at work he said, "Mama! Neeny! Yea! Yea! Yea!" over and over...and over. To say he was excited is an understatement.

The report I've gotten is that he was good, slept well (stinker!), ate a LOT, and ran in his first 1-mile fun run. Grandmama was going to do the 5K with him, but she wasn't sure how long he'd last. Apparently, he did fine and was perfectly content in his stroller with oreos. They ran Jog-for-Jake which is (I hope this is right) a Toys-for-Tots fundraiser in memory of Jake Stewart, a friend of John's who was killed in a wreck about four years ago.

Grandmama is going to wonder where I got this picture. I'm so sneaky! :)

Yea, James!!! (I stole this one from Jake's sister, Mandy. It was too cute not to get!)

He also went down a bouncy slide with Kelly (whose name he's finally trying to pronounce!) and then by himself! He's always been afraid of bouncies and we're planning to get one for his birthday party so I'm thrilled to know that we may be close to overcoming the fear.

On Friday after dropping James off half-way, Eddie and I came home and began the difficult task of cleaning out our guest room to move James into it. We've decided to keep the nursery as-is (not the bedding and curtains...those are going with James) and just move James. Hopefully the transition will go smoothly. Our game-plan was to empty the guest bedroom of EVERYTHING, clean it, and move James' new furniture and belongings into it. SO...Friday night we started unloading the guest bedroom. We piled everything into the den and looked like we were one stack away from being on an episode of Hoarders. It was disgusting how much stuff was in that room. We're not dirty, two hundred cats-type people, but we both have a problem with holding onto too much stuff. Eddie is even more sentimental than I am and together we are just a mess. We got the entire room emptied and cleaned and got James' twin bed set up on Friday night {Saturday morning} before we went to bed.

We got up Saturday morning and continued working on James' room. We got pretty much everything in and put where it needs to go. It looks a little empty in one spot so I'm looking for something to fill in the blank, and we still lack his bedskirt (it's being altered from a crib skirt to a twin), his curtains, and the things on his walls. I wanted to live with the furniture in place for a week or so before we decide where to put the pictures. I think it looks cute, though, and I think James will like it!

Saturday after lunch Eddie and I headed downtown to a festival that was being held. One of Eddie's co-workers was playing with his band so we decided to go watch. They didn't tell him they'd be coming and I think seven or eight employees and their families showed up. Funny! They were great and we enjoyed visiting with everyone. The weather was PERFECT yesterday!

After watching that, we headed to the movie theater. Eddie has been doing a Bible Study put out by Sherwood Baptist that ties in to their new movie, Courageous. It's all about dads standing up and doing their part and the men in our church have done a study on that. I think Eddie really enjoyed it. We met two other couples at the theater for the movie and it was FANTASTIC. If you're a parent, you need to see it. (But bring a box of Kleenex!) It was set in Albany and follows four Dougherty County Sherriff's deputies through their lives. One has two children but is having a hard time reaching his 9th grade son and seems a little distant. One is divorced and having a hard time making child-support payments. One is a single guy who has a few secrets of his own. And the last one is a husband and dad of three children and he and his wife are struggling with their teenage daughter wanting to date. I really think that everyone can relate to at least one of the characters! Don't miss it!

We had dinner with the O'Neills at Buffalo's after the movie and it was nice to sit and talk without having to worry about feeding someone and entertaining someone! Ha! I think we just need a break every once in a while. We enjoyed visiting with them. After dinner Eddie and I had a fun evening planned - we went to Toys 'R Us, Wal-Mart, and Office Depot. Woohoo!

Sunday I skipped church to finish getting the house cleaned up and organized before we got our little Tasmanian Devil back. It was still in need of some cleaning. Once Eddie got back from church we did a few more things and we left to go to Tifton.

We spent the afternoon/evening between Grandmama and Granddaddy's and Cacky and Poppy's. Even without a nap, James was quite the good sport and show-off. He had a GREAT time. ("Nena" will be excited to know that he's asked about her since we've left.)

We had a disaster when we got home last night. We had an overly-tired boy who (of course) was asleep before we got onto the interstate. He had an hour and fifteen minute nap while we drove and then we had to wake him up when we got home. I hated to do it instead of just transferring him, but we were putting him in a brand new room and I thought he might freak out if he woke up in it and didn't know where he was. After an hour of screaming (so much so that he was close to making himself sick), we got him to fall asleep. The report last night was that he didn't like his new room, but he's told me this morning that he does. ;)

We have a busy week ahead of us. I didn't think it would be, but our days are quickly filling up. We're headed to Monticello this evening to go to a visitation for a friend's grandmother. That was an unexpected addition to the week. The friend is one of our babysitters (and our other babysitter is younger and we just use her during the day) so James will be going with us. Keep your fingers crossed that he behaves for us. (And that I can find something WARM that fits! It was 39* here this morning!) 

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