Friday, September 30, 2011

Coughing, Infections, and Shots! Oh My!

Well, we've just returned from our second doctor's visit this week. :) James knows how to say Dr. W.'s name and knows that Ms. Annabelle's thermometer goes "beep, beep, beep" across his forehead. Sad, huh?

I called them this morning and told them I'd seen no change in him since we'd start the cough medicine last week. We went in this afternoon (I called in backups this time - Daddy graciously came along so that he could help me!) and they stuck his finger and tested his blood. I actually never heard anything about that so I'm assuming he was good to go. We are a day away from being declared having a sinus infection so they gave us our first antibiotic. Mmm...bubblegum medicine. Dr. W. also commented that the field across from our house could be a culprit for allergies. Hallelujah! That's what I've wondered all along! SO...we also left with a prescription for Claritin and a nose spray. The nose spray should be easy to give an almost-2-year old, right? Ha!

While we were there we got the first half of his flu shot. He didn't have one last year and they have to split it into two shots the very first time you get it. We wound up having to reschedule our 2-year wellness visit so that we would be outside of a month to get the second half. That should also give us time to get the allergy medicine started so we can report back about how it's working for us.

Thank goodness for a better appointment! I definitely don't want to give medicine unnecessarily, but I want him to feel better!!! Fingers crossed that this is the magic formula!

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