Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkins, a WIN, and a Birthday!

Get ready for PICTURE OVERLOAD. I know the grandparents will be thrilled!

Wednesday night I decided we'd try to carve a pumpkin after supper. We haven't carved a pumpkin in years, but I thought James would enjoy it. This is by no means up to Papa's standards (he is the master carver), but James thought it was the MOST FUN THING in all of the world. He had the best time! (And yes, we did cheat and use a vinyl cut-out. Next year I'll try to be more creative with our non-free-handing skills.)

Someone thought the guts were YUCKY. He screamed and ran from them for a while. And he still tells me how yucky the pumpkin is when we walk past it.

Thursday was James' preschool's dress-up day/Fall Festival. He had so much fun! I stayed for the morning to help with the games and pass out candy. He wasn't at all clingy to me which surprised me!

Friday I needed to run some errands in Macon so Cacky drove up to go with us. James enjoyed playing with her. His newest thing is to either bring me a camera or request a "CHEEEESE?" Of course, these aren't the cutest pictures because he cheeses quickly and runs to me to see the picture when I haven't even taken it yet. This was while we waited on Cacky.

Saturday was a BIG day in our football world! Georgia/Florida was on and while it's a highly anticipated game, it doesn't usually end well for the Dawgs. This year, though, the game was CLOSE the whole time and we won in the end! (Although, someone at church Sunday likened the game to a pillow fight. It was really just the best of two bad teams...)

James spent his time flipping through the Toys 'R Us catalog. This made us laugh so hard! How many of you spent a lot of time before Christmas going through the Penney's catalog? I did!

After the game we had a late dinner at Longhorn. The food was good but the service STUNK. I kept hoping the manager would come by. He never did. Oh well.

The boys gave me my birthday gift early and I opened it when we got home from dinner. I am thrilled to announce that I am the proud new owner of the iPhone 4S. Woohoo! If you don't know me in real life then you won't know that I'd been using a four year old Razor. :) While it worked well, it conked out a few weeks ago and I'd been stranded with Eddie's four year old Razor that only sort of works. Ha! When Eddie told the Verizon girl what I was using she was SHOCKED that anyone would have a four year old phone. The horror! Anyway, all that to say I am THRILLED with my new gift! (My number stayed the same but I lost all of my old numbers so if you're a real life friend then text me so I'll have yours!)

Sunday morning we got up and went to church. Not a great picture, but here's what James was wearing. I know my time with these outfits is ticking away so I put him in them when I can. Cute little Halloween outfit!

After church and Sunday School we had lunch at church for Consecration Sunday. It was delicious. Unfortunately, our stinker wouldn't sit still. We thankfully sat with friends and a friend's parents who were understanding and VERY helpful in wrangling our runner. I think he darted out of the Fellowship Hall three or four times before it was over. Lesson learned: leave him in the nursery!

I spent the afternoon napping on the couch. YES. What a great way to spend my birthday! James took a nap and then woke up and napped in the recliner with Eddie. (This rarely happens anymore and thrills Eddie!) (And THEN, I found out that I won FREE Christmas Cards from Shutterfly! Woohoo! It won't cover all of the ones we send out, but some free is better {and way more fun!} than none free!)

Sunday evening we went to the Trunk or Treat for our church. It was fun! I tried to get James with some of his friends but they wouldn't stand still long enough. Oh well! Here's our monkey!

And this morning, Eddie fed James breakfast and came back in the room to find this. He'd reached over and grabbed the hat that was sitting on the table and put it on all by himself. Silly monkey!

We had a great weekend! I think we have some Trick or Treat plans followed by some Toga Party plans tonight. :) More pictures later for sure!

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Anna Catherine said...

Ummm...where are that little boy's pants? hehe! He would be afraid of the yuck inside a pumpkin!

He is the cutest little monkey I ever did see!