Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend Update...

No menu this week...because I have no clue what we'll be eating. Hmm...

We realized on Friday that James is sick again. I'm ready for the immune system to be built! Ha! It's a cough/runny nose again. I've just stopped calling the doctor altogether. I refilled his medicine from when he had croup earlier in the year and when he has it in his system, he's pretty good. When it wears off, watch out!

We decided to stay in on Friday. We ran a few errands - the boys dropped me off at Toys 'R Us and then they drove through the carwash - and then we picked up BBQ from our favorite place here (in a gas station!) and stayed home for supper.

Saturday Eddie spent some time in the yard. James and I stayed inside. It's always a chore to keep James entertained when he knows Daddy is home so I put him in front of Sesame Street in his high chair and let him color and color and color. He was entertained for a good portion of the morning!

Saturday night we met some friends for a church play. The play was fun! We were glad to get to see it and had fun with friends before and after.

James was more sick (whoops! sorry other children in the nursery!) when we got home. He was miserable and after getting up and down for a while I finally put him in bed with us around 2:30. We obviously decided to skip church and the nursery again, lest we infect anyone else.

We did have big plans on Sunday, though. Papa, YaYa, and Anna came to visit! We had lunch at O'Charley's (I ordered something other than potato soup!) and went to an orchard nearby for ice cream and playground time. I forgot my camera but James rode the mechanical pony at least 4 times. He loved it.

Blocks were a big hit when we returned home. Here are some step-by-step instructions for getting the most enjoyment out of your building experience:

Step 1: Find a good audience. People who don't see you often are more likely to react in the way that you would prefer.

Step 2: Encourage everyone in the room to cheer loudly each time you place a block on the tower.

Step 3: Encourage them to cheer even if the tower happens to fall over. (Let's face it, the falling is the most fun part!) Great big "OH NO"-s get the best results.

Step 4: If the tower happens to get too tall, grab a stool and keep on building! (Anna really was here - those are her tootsies in the background.) Make sure you have an audience that will stick it out.

Step 5: Make sure your excited face is on and build away!

When Papa, YaYa, and Anna left, we expected a sick, worn out meltdown so we quickly promised the fun of playing with his water table in the backyard. There were no tears! Woohoo! When we got to the backyard, we realized there was a visitor there! It hopped from James' bucket to my arm and just hung out for a little while. (Oh, I hope I don't get warts!)

James, the from-afar animal lover, wanted NOTHING to do with the frog. He jumped onto James one time and he screamed like a girl and knocked the frog to the ground. (No animals were harmed in our playing.)

James got into ants twice on Saturday so you'll notice BIG whelps on his legs. The first time he didn't even notice but the second time he had a fit! Poor little man!

Nasty little boys are proof that much fun has been had! Can you tell we went straight to the tub?

After a bath and some "supper" - wheat thins, cheese, and apple juice for someone with a small appetite while he's sick - we had a surprise visit from Cacky and Poppy. They stopped by for about 30 minutes on their way home from the airport. They've been in New England all week.

We had a fun weekend! Hopefully the week will be just as much fun!

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Jenna said...

What a fun weekend! Love all the pictures! That James is the cutest thing!!! Hope ya'll have a great week, my friend!