Monday, July 25, 2011

Playing Catch-Up

I wrote most of this post last week and intended to post it on Friday. As that never happened, here's that, plus our weekend!

How in the world did this week fly by as quickly as it did? I guess that can be both good and bad! A lot of our week was spent here at the house but we did a good bit of getting out as well. I will go ahead and admit that we're going to be re-doing our "D is for Dog" week next week. I just didn't focus on it as much as I should have. James will be gone Tuesday and Wednesday for a little grandparent playtime so on Monday, Thursday, and Friday we'll do a little more letter work!

So what have we done this week? Let me go look at my calendar...Ha! It's just been that kind of a week!

On Monday, Eddie had Methodist Men so James and I were on our own for dinner. I'm honestly not sure what we did all day long but for supper we had Cheerios and fruit. I let him have a bowl of cereal with milk on it for the first time ever. And I let him eat it all on his own. Glutton for punishment? Probably. Eddie was not thrilled to come home and find soggy Cheerios on the floor. (In my defense, we'd gone straight from the table to the tub and I just hadn't had time to clean them up yet!)

Tuesday was our anniversary and we celebrated by going to Longhorn. Ha! Fancy, huh? I'll tell you what else is exciting - we also went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Petsmart. Think the "honeymoon" has ended? :) Eddie gave me a new charm for my Pandora bracelet (Mom, he says he was going to do that even before your text the other day! He wants credit!) and Eddie got the world's lamest gifts from me. I had full intentions of buying him a miter saw from Lowe's. I went to Lowe's and everything! On my way in I saw one of the workers who knows us {by name} and he asked where Eddie was. I told him I was on a hunt for an anniversary gift and he laughed. After looking at the miter saws (all twelve of them) and realizing that A) I had no idea what I was looking at and B) they each weighed about 85 pounds, I decided to buy a gift card. I hate giving gift cards. The Lowe's employee that I'd spoken with earlier laughed again and told me I'd made the right decision. Between that and the new kitchen trash can that Eddie got, it was an exciting night! Poor thing.

Wednesday was an errand day. James and I headed out for Target and Publix at 5 pm (that's the best time to go to the grocery store, right?) and didn't get home until after 7. I started supper at 7:45, we ate at 8:30, and James went to bed at 10. Good heavens we've got to start working on our schedule. Pitiful!

Thursday morning YaYa came to play with James. I spent some of the morning doing my normal routine - running the dishwasher, washing clothes, Bible Study, etc. - while they played. We had lunch at Cracker Barrel (it wasn't great - I was disappointed in it yesterday - Dad and Laura will laugh when I say that I think it's gone downhill) and then went back to Petsmart. James has been so excited about getting to look at the animals! They were a little low on stock (no cats, hardly any fish, etc. - I kept trying to convince Laura that they'd all be adopted), but it was exciting for him anyway. James and YaYa played a little more at our house before she headed out and it was time for James to take a nap. I think we'll have to work out our times better next time. She arrived about 2 hours after he woke up and got going and then when I put him down for a nap it was a little late and I know she drove right into rush hour traffic in Atlanta. Oh well! We'll learn!

Friday I spent some time doing some organizing, pondering our preschool options (another option has come up for us and I'm wondering if it's a better one), making a grocery list, and reading. Not much else got done! Friday night Eddie worked in the yard while I made lasagna for Saturday night. James was the sweetest child ever and sat contentedly in his highchair coloring and reading while I cooked for two hours. Ha! He was a perfect angel!

Here's something that didn't get old this week! I pulled out James' "pup tent" on Monday when we started "D is for Dog" and used it as our "dog house" this week. He thoroughly enjoyed playing and reading in it!

Saturday was a BUSY day for me. I went to Tifton for a bridal shower. I had to leave our house by 9:30 to get there on time and then wound up staying and visiting until after 3. That put me getting home around 4:30 which wouldn't have been bad except we had guests coming! Yikes! Eddie did an excellent job getting the house picked up, which was a great thing because I was feeling terrible on Saturday afternoon. Silly headaches! Bleh! I felt a little better by the time 6 pm rolled around. Some friends of ours and their children came over for dinner and we had a great time visiting! I love friend get-togethers!

Pictures courtesy of Lauren Train. Don't sue me for stealing them, please! :)

Cupcakes were obviously a hit!

Anyone else see John Hasty in the picture above? Whoa!

AM had a BALL playing in James' jumpy! I see one in her future!

Sunday we went to church and by the time we got home I felt horrible again. Headache city! I spent the day moving from the couch to my bed and back. Pitiful. Poor Eddie! He and James played (and James napped a good bit, too!) and Eddie cleaned up the house for me. Best husband ever! Cacky and Poppy made an impromptu visit up here to go to dinner with us - O'Charley's. James, of course, had a great time showing off!

This week is busy but not quite as busy as usual. James will be gone from tonight until Wednesday and I just don't know what I'll do with myself. I'm not a fan of these spend-the-night parties he's started participating in, but apparently everyone else enjoys them immensely! I'm sure I'll find something to keep myself busy while he's gone!

Enjoy your week as well!


Lauren said...

YAY! love the pics and since you fed me dinner and let AM borrow James jumpie thing, I wont sue ;) ...and we did go buy one yesterday. i just couldnt resist!! hahahah!

Anna Catherine said...

I'm so glad he isn't scared of the pup tent anymore. That was one of the coolest gifts I've ever bought for $10.00. I thought the picture with the squinty eyes looked a lot like me! hehe