Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Being Silly and Getting Organized...

A few weeks ago we started bathing James in our big bathtub in the master bath. Eddie thought it was easier and I was thrilled with only having to (regularly) clean one bathtub. James thinks it is FANTASTIC. We don't even have any toys in the tub and he is a wild man. He likes to have "bubbas" in the tub with him and with those plus a cup (or two) he is set! He splishes and splashes and flips and flops and pretends to swim and squeels. He sometimes gets in trouble for the wildness, but usually it's kept contained. I took a few pictures of him on Monday afternoon during the bath that I gave him before he headed to Camp Fresh. He is SO silly! (Please note the clearer-than-before photos. Special thanks to Lauren and Comer for that one. It pays to know how to work your fancy camera, my friends!)

We met Grandmama and Granddaddy at Cracker Barrel on Monday night. (This one got a one hundred on their score. Thank goodness. I was grossed out just thinking about that 83 from last week!) Before and after our meal James was being silly in the store. I found the CUTEST Georgia Bulldog hat and tried it on him. Had it not been A) an adult's size and B) $25, it might have been his for the winter this year. (Some of you will remember that I like to pay about $25 less than that for winter hats. {Those of you who don't remember - the Target lady didn't ring my hat up and I didn't know it until later. It wasn't hiding or anything - she just forgot to ring it. Whoops!}) He looked so stinkin' cute in it, though!

I've received word from Camp Fresh that fishing has been the sport of choice for James since his arrival there. On Tuesday morning they caught three fish (I think) and one of them was apparently 16 inches! (Hope I have my story straight!) James does not, however, like being close to the fish. Eddie said he was told that as soon as they pull the fish out of the water he points to the water for them to put it back. Ha! The other funny thing that I've heard is that he started undressing as soon as he got to the lake (at 9pm) so that he could go swimming. I think he's had fun and kept his grandparents busy! (Thankfully he hasn't had sleeping issues - I forgot to pack his wubbie!!!!)

While James has been gone I have been a running errand queen! Yesterday I signed James up for a different preschool - one that is TWO days a week. Pray for us that this was the right decision. I had no idea how pulled in different directions I'd feel about him going to a preschool. It would be so much easier if there was one at our own church! I also went to the library (twice - the first time they were closed and the second time they wouldn't let me check anything out because I realized I didn't have my card!). Then I went to Walmart for SCHOOL SUPPLIES. Eddie has tried to steal my thunder (James doesn't need a lunchbox!) but the best part about going back to school is SCHOOL SUPPLIES! I ordered him one from Old Navy yesterday that was $4 and will be adorable monogrammed. (I have to pack him a lunch - feel free to comment with good under-age-two lunch ideas for picky, non-peanut-butter eaters. This is going to be a challenge for my chicken nugget man!) I also went to Target, Old Navy, the doctor's office (to get an immunization record), and Sonic. Busy bee!

At home I worked on getting a little bit picked up (I didn't make a ton of progress) and I cleared off the DVR. Eddie and I went out for Mexican food last night (and found out our favorite waiter is MOVING! His family has been in Mexico all summer and they've decided to open a business in Baja California. He's leaving in September. Boo!) and it was nice to eat a meal without having to worry about a child. I had to drop something off at Amy's house after dinner and we enjoyed visiting with her and Gary for a bit. Eddie enjoyed tormenting their new puppy. She's a teeny tiny Yorkie and he chased her all over the place. She must've enjoyed it, though, because she kept coming back to him!

Something else I've been working on is to get organized! A few ideas about home organization notebooks have lately been floating around the blogs that I read. As someone who does not have organization in my DNA, I need all the help I can get. I've scared you all before by showing you my weekly cleaning list, but I was getting weary of that. If I didn't get everything done I felt guilty and it just seem insurmountable each week. SO...I changed it all up last week.

The idea is to have all of my calendars, lists, etc. in one place so that they don't get scattered from here to yonder and they actually get used. Also, I'm shockingly Type-A about things like school work, lesson plans, etc., so this makes more sense in my brain somehow. (My mama can vouch for me on this. I may've had a bedroom that looked like a tornado came through it, but if I was doing homework that would be turned in I may re-write it after I was finished in order to make sure it was neat!)

My notebook categories are: My Monthly Calendar (I keep our "master" calendar on the fridge, but I'm going to keep one in my notebook as well.), Daily Checklist, Meals & Groceries, Quiet Time/Bible Study Calendar, Books/Reading List, Blog Calendar (I keep one with ideas on my computer, but I think this will be easier), Important Numbers and Dates, Gift Ideas (this is going to be FANTASTIC!), and Preschool Lesson Plans. Sound overwhelming? Nah. The "biggies" are the calendar, daily checklist, and meal/grocery lists. Feel free to let me know if you'd like me to email you the templates I'm using!

The template above can be found at

I'll let you know how this new organizational system works for me. I know some of you are rolling your eyes but if I don't have a list, it doesn't get done at my house!

Enjoy the rest of your week!


Amy said...

Libbi is going two days a week in the fall too and it's at a church preschool that is not our church. (ours is too large to accommodate a preschool program....)
she went last year for mother's morning out, but only from 9:30 - 12. this year she'll go from 9-1 and eat lunch there. when she went to "camp" she had to take a lunch. i'm right there with ya - she is a chicken nugget girl all the way and will not eat peanut butter or any type of deli meat. plus, (and i know this is crazy and slightly anal) she still is such a messy eater that i didn't want to pick her up covered in her lunch. so i tried to think of things that she really could eat on her own (And that wouldn't stain - ha!) i packed A LOT of fruit...grapes mainly. or bananas, a yogurt, granola bar, or nutri grain bar, vanilla wafers, cheese crackers, and these squeezable fruit things that she LOVES. they sell them at publix and they're organic (even though we're totally not the "crunchy" type). it's basically just mashed up fruit (like applesauce) in a squeezable container. i can't remember the name of it you know what i'm talking about????

melwelsh said...

LOVE your organization layout! Can you please email me your template? I am a new SAHM, just now staying home after teaching for many years.

Niki said...

love your week at a glance!!

Chasity @ Haute Mommy Blog said...

Cute checklist for your chores!

Laura @ My Thoughts-Uninterrupted said...

Visiting from Blue-Eyed Bride. I can definitely tell a difference by having the notebook. And you're right, it is all about having everything all in one place!

Tessa said...

Just visiting from Blue Eyed Bride and I like that you added a Bible study/quiet time tab. I need to do that to keep myself committed on a daily basis.

Unknown said...

Great job organizing!!! I just stopped by via Blue Eyed Bride! I can't wait to put my organization binder together this month. I am getting so inspired by all of you fun ladies! ~Bri~