Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Update...

We had a busy weekend and I didn't take one single picture. Go ahead and give me the world's worst blogger award. And those of you who are around me often, REMIND ME TO TAKE PICTURES! I will show you this little cutie that I took a picture of on Friday morning. Mr. Potato Head is his new love and he has thoroughly enjoyed borrowing his NaNas (glasses). I love that he wants me to put them on so that he can read. Where does he get this stuff? We don't have glasses to read! (We have contacts because we're too blind to function without them all the time - not just for reading. {Funny sidenote, I took my contacts out the other night without first finding my glasses and almost had to wake Eddie up to help me find them. They were, of course, right in the drawer where they were supposed to be. My vision is -5.75 in the left eye and -4.25 in the right. I literally cannot see once my contacts come out. Enough rambling!}).

Poppy and Cacky came up on Friday evening to go out to dinner with us. We met them at Longhorn. James had a fantastic time sitting with Poppy. He was an absolute MESS by the time we left. Should've put a bib on him! :) We ran by Bed, Bath, and Beyond after we left. (James wanted to go to Bobby Obby {Hobby Lobby} {he really did ask!} but we didn't need anything there. He kept shouting Bobby Obby! Bobby Obby!) Then we came back to our house to play before they headed home.

They went by to visit my uncle, Mama's brother, Julian, on their way home and he asked to be taken to the hospital. He's had several strokes (and lots of mini-strokes) over the past few years and thought he'd had another one. Mama had already said she thought he'd been having a bad day when she'd spoken to him earlier. They took him to the ER and got him admitted to the hospital. I think his time of living alone has come to an end. Please pray for him and his son, Randy, and my mama as they make the transition to a nursing home. He's a tiny bit stubborn and is likely not going to enjoy this move.

Saturday Eddie planned to finish my garden and then mow the grass. Well...poor Eddie spent all day long working in the garden. Bless him. He's really the best. He worked and worked and worked. I'll take pictures of it later in the week so that you can all ooh and aah with me. We ordered Papa John's for supper and watched Swamp People. (Have you SEEN that show? We love it!)

Sunday morning we went to church and Sunday School. We watched a Louie Giglio (spelling?) video in Sunday School that was great. I was holding back the tears because it was so good! When we came home James took a nap and we waited on Papa and YaYa to get here. They came down to eat lunch and play. We went to Cracker Barrel and James enjoyed showing off. YaYa got him to eat fried okra! He's never eaten it for me before. (We've really seen a change in his appetite lately - he's trying a lot more food these days. I've probably just jinxed myself.) They came back to our house after lunch and James and YaYa played while the men napped and I lounged. He had the best time!

Last night Eddie ran to the grocery store (he was out of milk - that's an emergency situation for him) and when he got back the bottom literally fell out of the sky. In the first two hours of rain we got four inches. It was still raining when we went to bed last night so I don't know what the grand total was. Praise the Lord!!! We needed the rain so desperately! Our yard has looked pitiful for a long time!

Another sidenote, I realize I've fallen off the bandwagon on my meal planning. I'm not sure if it's because it's summertime or what, but I've been just throwing ideas together at the last minute. I'll try to post my meals and recipes later today. I'm not even sure anyone cares, but I feel like I should do it anyway. :) Hope y'all had a great weekend!

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