Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Silly Boy...

At the risk of sounding like a silly girl myself, I thought I'd share these funny videos with you from last night. Truth be told, we were sitting at the dinner table and James and I were "discussing" how when you eat spaghetti (tortellini) it gets in your tummy and feels like it gets bigger. I made a noise and puffed my cheeks out (describing how said spaghetti "grows") and he almost fell out of his chair laughing. This is a few minutes into it so it's not quite as funny as it started off, but it is still pretty stinkin' hilarious. I'm well aware that I sound like a crazy person. Why do kids make adults act so silly? Ha! The camera is in a bad position because I had to turn it on and put it on the table so that he'd pay attention to me. Enjoy!

The second video is of James watching himself in the video camera. (Our screen flips around and he likes to watch the "baby" in the camera.) Eddie and I were trying so hard not to laugh at him watching himself. Too cute!

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Lauren said...

why are little kids laughs so precious?!?