Thursday, June 30, 2011

Because James is Hard to Say...

A quick but funny story for today. James has never, never said his own name. Instead, if you ask him what his name is he will point to himself and say "Ni." (Or something that sounds like the sound "Ni." As in, "We are the knights who say...Ni!" I've never seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail.) Anyway, he calls himself "Ni," all. the. time. We've tried to sound out James and would be happy if he said anything remotely similar to James, but so far he hasn't.

He has also developed (ha! I say developed, but he was born this way) an independent streak. He doesn't want us to do anything for him that he can do (or would just like to attempt to do) himself. he and I were in my bathroom. Eddie and I keep our bathroom door closed or our bedroom door closed just to keep James out of things he shouldn't get to. You know, running the hot water in the tub, climbing up on the stool I sit on to put my makeup on, etc. etc. Or we keep the bedroom door closed to just keep him out totally. (This works well for those of you who are poor baby-proofers like we are.) So today he and I were leaving the bathroom and I told him we needed to go back in the den. I walked out and turned around and realized he wasn't behind me. So I went back to see where he was and he was struggling to close our bathroom door. I took the handle and pulled it to to hurry the process and he shook his head, stamped his feet and said, "No! No! Baby!" (As in, "No, Mama! James wants to close it!")

All that debate on what his name should be and what we should call him and ultimately he's either "Ni" or "Baby." Figures.

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Amy said...

too funny! libbi called herself "me-me" for forever! she's just recently started calling herself, "bibbi" ;-)
she wants to do everything all by herself, too! even when i am talking, she'll say, "NO!...ME!" and then repeat what i've said because she wants to be the one to say it. all day long i hear, "no! me!!" as she tries to take over everything - haha!