Friday, April 15, 2011

Show Us Your Life: What You're Reading...

I'm chiming in on Kelly's Korner's "Show Us Your Life" for the first time in a while. It's all about what you're reading! You know I love that topic! I'm just going to give you the run-down of what I'm working on right now and what is on my "want to read" list!

1. Still working on Reshaping It All by Candace Cameron Bure.

Reshaping It All: Motivation for Physical and Spiritual Fitness

2. Still working on BetterPhoto Basics: The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Taking Photos Like a Pro by Jim Miotke.

BetterPhoto Basics: The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Taking Photos Like a Pro

3. Book Club picked The Mockingbirds by Daisy Whitney. I started it last night and cannot put it down. I've had to make myself stop this morning so that I can get some housework done!

The Mockingbirds

4. I'm working on Life Lessons: Book of Genesis with Max Lucado right now as my Bible Study.

Life Lessons: Book Of Genesis
5. I have Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins (the second book of the Hunger Games trilogy) on my Kindle. I LOVED the first one but this one got pushed to the back burner a few months ago.

Catching Fire (The Second Book of the Hunger Games)

6. I'd like to read Rules of Vengeance by Christopher Reich (the second book in the trilogy Book Club started last month).

Rules of Vengeance

7. Wicked by Gregory Maguire. This one has been on my bookshelf forever. I'm hoping to read it SOON!

Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West (Wicked Years)

8. The Hardy Boys series. (Yes, I know this is laughable. Eddie has the entire series though and I just want to read every. single. one.)

The Hardy Boys Starter Set

9. The Blind Side by Michael Lewis. I LOVED the movie. Hoping the book is just as good. This one has also been on my list for a while.
The Blind Side (Movie Tie-in Edition)

10. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larsson. I think I'm a little late on these but I keep hearing about them so I'm definitely reading this.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

11. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I hated this in college. I think because it's hyped up so much and I was forced to read it. (The irony of course is that I went to college to learn to "force" others to read books. Ha!) I think I'll read this one in honor of Anna and her upcoming nuptials.

Pride And Prejudice

12. London Bridges by James Patterson. This is the follow up to another Alex Cross book I read a few months ago. I need a James Patterson fix every once in a while.

London Bridges (Alex Cross)

13. Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris. This one I bought several months ago and still haven't read it. We liked True Blood so I'm hoping I'll like this, too!

Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood)

14. The Lean Belly Prescription by Dr. Travis Stork. I need a little nonfiction and healthy reading this summer!

The Lean Belly Prescription: The fast and foolproof diet and weight-loss plan from America's top urgent-care doctor

15. The Soloist by Steve Lopez. This one was a previous Book Club choice before I was a part of it. A friend loaned it to me. I need to read it and return it soon!

The Soloist: A Lost Dream, an Unlikely Friendship, and the Redemptive Power of Music

16. The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Satterfield. Same as above - previous Book Club selection!
The Thirteenth Tale: A Novel

Have any book suggestions for me?


Anna Catherine said...

The Mockingbird book sounds good! Let me know how you like Wicked! I've been wanting to read that one too!
Yay, yay, yay for Pride and Prejudice! My other favorite Jane Austen novel is Persuasion, but I won't push my luck with you reading that one!

happymomof4 said...

After looking at some other bloggers book list I am right there with you about the book: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo; and another one I have noticed is Water for Elephants.

Let'sMakeADifference said...

Found your blog through Kellyskorner! Am now following! Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back!

emily said...

I got here through Kelly's SUYL. Just a head's up about Wicked. I LOVE the show, the music, and thought I would love the book. It's a lot more dark than I thought it would be. Don't let that discourage you, but I thought I'd give you a heads up! Thanks for the other suggestions! I've added several to my reading list!

The Guest Family said...

I actually LOVED wicked. I have not seen the play but I do agree with Emily. It does have it's dark moments. It reminds me of animal farm, a lot of political allegories (look at me using literary terms!!) It is one of my all time favorites. I saw the wizard of oz on tv last week and am thinking of reading wicked again.