Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Past Few Days in Pictures

We've had a great weekend!

On Thursday evening Eddie had some yard work to do. James is NOT a happy camper when Daddy comes home from work and then has to leave him again immediately, so we joined him outside so that James could help. He is great with a lawn mower. If you need someone to work in your yard, give him a call.

I left the boys after the yard work was done and spent my evening with the Book Club ladies. We discussed Christopher Reich's Rules of Deception (among other things). This month we're reading Daisy Whitney's The Mockingbirds and I have been SUCKED IN. It's excellent so far.

Friday night we had dinner at the home of some friends from church. They have three kids who are all older than James but he's finally gotten to the point where he can "play" along with them. He thoroughly enjoyed the slide on their swingset and we thoroughly enjoyed the company and the great meal. We also met two new friends (Hi, Lauren!) and their sweet baby girl.

Saturday the Days and the Perrys joined us at our house for a trip to the strawberry patch and dinner. James and Grayson Anne enjoyed playing together. She's a little mama (and going to be a GREAT big sister!) so it was fun to watch them together.

We've gone to the strawberry patch three years in a row since it's less than 10 minutes away. The first year I was pregnant and had horrible sciatica. The bending over wasn't much fun. Last year James was teensy tiny and in his stroller. I'm not sure we even took pictures. This year, he was all about helping put the strawberries in the bucket. It was fun!

The playground at the strawberry patch is great. We always enjoy playing on it.

Today after church and Sunday School we went to Bass Pro to see the Easter Bunny. James was VERY interested while we were standing in line. He was waving at the Easter Bunny and was excited that the Easter Bunny brings candy. Then the little girl in front of us had an all-out screaming meltdown. It was pitiful. I think it threw James for a loop. He wasn't thrilled about the idea of sitting with him anymore. 

And then the Easter Bunny got smart and held that candy out in front of James. The tears stopped immediately. No scars for life!

These pictures are hilarious to me. I think I'll be laughing about them for years to come.

No menu for me this week. We have a LOT going on again. Hopefully we'll make it through!

Hope your weekend was wonderful!

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Lauren said...

Yay! I am so glad we met yall too and I cant wait to hang out again!! We went to the strawberry patch today and had a blast...maybe next year Anne Margaret will be able to help as this year she just paraded around in her stroller!! James is a cutie! Yall have a great week!