Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Master Bathroom Progress

I love it when there's "progress" in the title!

I haven't wanted to work on decorating our bedroom and bathroom because I'd rather spend money on the main parts of the house, but oddly enough those are the two rooms that I know what I want to do! Ha! Typical, isn't it? Our master bathroom is pretty much just a big 'ol blank canvas. Our house was built in the mid-90s so it doesn't look as up-to-date as the newer houses do. It was probably a spec-house and just doesn't have a ton of life pizazz! Our bathroom has shiny brass accents so that's what I'm working with. I really like brushed nickel, but I've learned to like the "gold" as well. Our bedroom is a dark khaki/light coffee color and we're going to do warm browns and golds, with blues and creams in the bedroom and bathroom. I finally, finally bought new rugs for our bathroom a few weeks ago and it was a GLORIOUS improvement. It's the little things, isn't it?

Well...Eddie has been all about "WE NEED TO HANG THINGS ON THE WALLS!" since we've moved in. I know that it would give it a lived-in feel, but it just feels so darn permanent! It doesn't help that my handyman refuses to move anything once it's up. That's not pressure at all! So I just haven't hung much. Well, now that we've lived here almost three years, it's time! Ha!

I purchased some frames from TJMaxx/Home Goods when we were in Atlanta and a monogram "F" from Hobby Lobby several months ago and had this little idea in my head. These are the pictures that Cara took for us when James was 6-7 months old. They're some of my VERY favorites. I know that we can swap the pictures out, but for now I LOVE how this looks!

We still have a lot left in our bathroom: tile, curtains, cabinet for towels, paint the stool for my vanity or find something else, get a new clock - but it's coming together! Slowly but surely!

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Amy said...

love the progress - the pictures are adorable!!
so funny that eddie is wanting to hang things on the wall....jeffrey is the exact opposite! i think it physically pains him to put holes in our walls :)
that's why i usually end up hanging things while he's at work - ha! (if he only knew how many "oops" moments i've had and then covered up with a frame he would probably keel over on the spot!) ;)