Friday, January 28, 2011

Project 365: January 22-28

Aren't y'all proud that I'm sticking with this? It's fun!

On Saturday, James loaded up and headed to Tifton for his first "Grandparents' Day!" He even got to spend a little time with a great grandparent, MaMa! (She's temporarily in the nursing home after breaking her leg. She was so excited to see James that she had her hair done!) James has been around MaMa several times but I'd never taken their picture together. I sent my camera so that we'd have some!

To round out the "Grandparents' Weekend," Papa and YaYa came on Sunday. I can't tell you how many times a day I head "Papa? YaYa?" I asked him yesterday if he'd like Mrs. Shelley to visit and he said, "Papa? YaYa?" The only set of grandparents we didn't see was Grandmama and Granddaddy and only because Granddaddy was sick!

On Monday night I finished Samantha Perry's wreath. I LOVE how it turned out. Anyone need a TuTu wreath? It was fun to make!

On Tuesday, James and I went to Tifton for a little bridal field trip. James wanted to play dress-up, too, so he wore my shoes around.

On Wednesday evening James was sitting at the table having supper with us and he got SO tickled about something. Excuse the food in his mouth, but the look on his face is hilarious to me. He "fake" laughs at EVERYTHING now. Later, after a bath, James and I played a little iPad piano. He loves it. Excuse my post-treadmill look.

Okay, Thursday's picture was a little boring but it's all I have. James was watching me sweep and mop our bathroom. I still use the Exersaucer and the Jumperoo to get chores done so I don't have to chase him.

And even though it's early I thought I'd include today's picture. Samantha came to visit at our house! Her first real outing! She had a doctor's appointment in Macon so they stopped by on the way home so that she could get out of her carseat and have a snack. Keith even went and picked up lunch for all of us! What a fun visit! James LOVED the baby. He was worried when she cried, wanted to look at her very closely, and didn't like it when I held her. :) He wanted to be held, too, but Mrs. Shelley couldn't pick his chunky self up! Thanks for stopping by, guys! (For the record, I've noted how much James has grown, but I never actually saw him this small. She's only about 7 pounds and James was 8 pounds, 3 ounces when he was born!)


Anonymous said...

LOVE the one of him throwing his head back in laughter-hillarious. So cute of him with Shelly & the new baby too!

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

James is SO cute!! Way to go on Project is fun, huh? :)