Wednesday, November 17, 2010

All the Excitement!

I was waiting to be "allowed" to tell about Friday's excitement and now that it's FACEBOOK OFFICIAL, I guess I can!

I got a phone call from Anna (my sister) on Friday night and when I answered she asked if I'd gotten her text. Seeing that it was a little after 8 and we were trying to wrestle the "almost toddler" into jammies, I had not. So I hung up with her, checked my messages, and immediately called her back because in my inbox was a picture of a HUGE, SHINY DIAMOND. (She needs to send me a picture. *Ahem*)

Apparently, she'd gotten off of work early and Lance (that's the fiance' in this scenario) had driven her up to Madison, Georgia. She was also a Dawg, so this wasn't all that unusual. It's on the way to Athens, she's been that way a lot. Anyway, they stopped in Madison (which was unusual) at the James Madison Inn. (I need to stop my story now and interject that I'm not sure how surprised Anna was. I think it might be a little obvious if you go out of town and you don't know what's going on. But I think they'd done this whole "surprise weekend" before. Maybe that's how he got her. I don't know. Leave us a comment, Anna.)

When they checked in, Lance told her that they could get massages on Saturday either inside or outside and they needed to go look at where it would be outside to make a decision. They walked down a long path that led to a pavilion and there were tealights lit all over the place. Proposal!

I stole these pictures off of her Facebook yesterday morning so that I could show them. Hope she doesn't beat me up. She's fiesty and I'm a wimp.

The pavilion:

The bride-to-be and her bling: 

The couple:

I've taken it upon myself to start calling myself "The Wedding Planner." I have LOTS of ideas. But it's obviously not my wedding so I'm going to keep those to myself until I'm asked. She has, however, asked about possibly out-of-town destination-type wedding venues (perferably not too far away...let's keep it in the state of Georgia!). If y'all have suggestions, feel free to comment! Maybe she'll take them into consideration! I think they're planning on trying to do this next fall!


Anna Catherine said...

I won't beat you up! You told it perfectly! I really really do need you to plan it! I obviously have NO idea what I'm doing! My girlfriends are just excited about the bachelorett party! haha

Whitney J. said...

So happy for them!

pcb said...

It's fun helping to plan a wedding that is not your own!