Thursday, September 9, 2010

Quick Check-In!

You know those days where you feel like you're going 1,000,000 miles an hour and you're getting plenty done but you still need about 10 extra hours in the day to get everything done? Yeah. We've been having a lot of those lately. I told a friend the other day that I can't imagine what it will feel like when James is actually involved in things and I'm just a taxi. Whew!

I can't remember much about last week. What did we do? I know the weekend consisted of cleaning and organizing, sewing, staying in my pajamas all day on Sunday (I literally stepped out of pajamas to get into the shower and then put clean pajamas back 10pm), and watching a lot of college football.

Monday we spent Labor Day at Eddie's aunt's house in Adel (Baby). We had a great time visiting with his aunts and cousins and we got to meet the newest addition, Thompson, a beautiful little girl who was born in July. James loved her. Especially her ears. He tried to pull them off of her head. She doesn't need them anyway, right? Anyhow, I have a lot of pictures of the babies but I just don't have the time or the energy to upload and edit them right now. I'll do that next week once things calm down a bit.

Tuesday was a little more low-key. I can't remember if I went anywhere or not.

Wednesday was a little wild. James and I got up and went to Bible Study. After Bible Study we went to visit at Eddie's office. I get in trouble for not taking him up there more often so we made the rounds before lunch. We had lunch at the Christian Chicken where James showed out because he'd missed his morning nap and it was time for him to eat, too. (And I didn't think about sharing with him and we both ordered Spicy Chicken Sandwiches. AND I don't really want to give him french fries if I can help it.) He ate some Cheerios and some Yogurt Melts and threw some Puffs on the floor, he waved to the child sitting next to us, he got a free cow toy, he patty-caked with Brother Billy Key (who said he was a beautiful girl), and then he screamed so we decided to leave...and go to WALMART. Bleh.

I had a list a mile long for groceries for us, plus crates for James' bedroom that Amy found last week, plus essentials like diapers and toilet paper, plus ingredients to make part of a dinner for a friend. I filled up my buggy, considered getting a second buggy (remember - crates and diapers and toilet paper - oh my!), and decided it would be better to email the remainder of my list to Eddie so that he could pick a few things up on the way home. He had to go by Publix to the pharmacy anyway and Walmart didn't have any Sister Schubert's so he needed to grab those as well.

Bored yet?

As I was coming home from WalMart the top of my steering wheel began smoking. Seriously? Guess who needs a new car. (And guess whose husband agrees!?!) I called Eddie and described the problem to him (it has happened before many, many years ago but the car place said they hadn't heard of it before). Eddie called the dealership here and described the problem to them and they said it's an easy fix once they have the part. So...I'm without a car today. Yea!

I made my part of the dinner for friends last night and tried to tidy up around the house. I unpacked a Willow House box and bagged the items. I unpacked a box of Oriental Trading stuff for James' birthday party. I was exhausted by about 7.

All of that to say, we are not slowing down anytime soon. We have a BIG weekend ahead of us and are super busy until Wednesday (but Wednesday in and of itself is busy because of Bible Study and errand running). You may not hear from me until then unless I get a few spare minutes here or there.

Hope y'all have a great weekend!!!

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