Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Update...

Friday evening we had to run a few errands so we decided to get a quick supper. Chick-fil-A! James has been really difficult to take out to dinner lately because he constantly tries to grab food and he's started squealing more and more in public. I'm under the impression that people just aren't very tolerant of loud, squealing babies and we hate to be those people, so our meals out have become more of a chore lately.


I discovered this in December.

 Summer Infant TinyDiner - Blue

I believe it was Mrs. Pendy who told me about it, but Kelly (from Kelly's Korner, as Eddie says) was the one who originally showed this off. It is a miracle and a life-saver! It's a placemat that has suction cups on the back so that it sticks to the table. James has a bad habit of biting (one day I'll tell the story about how he's chewed up his beautiful crib...arghhh) and germy, public places are, unfortunately, not off limits to him. I've been either sitting him back from the table or putting my arm in front of him to keep him from gnawing the table to pieces. I bought the placemat (I got it for about $10 from but the image above is from Amazon for $10.99 - Anna, they have MINNIE MOUSE) several months ago and just stuck it in his bag. I got the genius idea on Friday night to pull it out and put a few Cheerios on it. Oh my Lord, I could actually EAT. It was a miracle. Hallelujah! I recommend these BIG time. And if you're a pregnant friend, I want to go ahead and say you might get one of these from me in the future!

Besides Chick-fil-A, we made a trip to Target to return a few things and to Lowe's for lawn mower blades and light bulbs. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of ordering a milkshake to share with Eddie when we left CFA. I say unfortunate because James is obsessed with straws. We made it from CFA to Lowe's without a fuss because he couldn't see it but the minute we walked into Lowe's and he spotted the straw, all you-know-what broke loose. Screaming and thrashing around commenced when he didn't have the straw in his mouth. He and I actually had to browse refrigerators to be away from Eddie while he finished it up. Good Heavens, child!

Bright and early Saturday morning Eddie got up and headed to Americus to help Kelly move to Tifton. I have never been more thrilled to stay at home by myself than when I got into my car and saw the temperature at 10 AM. I would rather not be alone all day on Saturday, but it definitely beat being outside in the blazing heat! I think they got most of the moving done on Saturday. I haven't seen Kelly's house yet, but Eddie said it's turned out really cute. I think she's put a lot of work into it and we hope she's happy in Tifton!

When Eddie walked in on Saturday night he was limping a little and I noticed that his ankle had a bandage on it. The story I got (which was a little vague) was that a lamp jumped out of his truck and broke and part of it hit right at the bone in his ankle. Looking at it, it could've used several stitches but he couldn't be bothered with that. He was still limping on it this morning before work and it hurts REALLY badly when someone named James head-butts it, but I think he'll make a swift recovery.

While Eddie was gone, James and I got out and about. Our first stop was Michael's to look for cute birthday party things. We found several items that fit our theme that were on clearance. Nothing makes me happier than to find a good deal! After Michael's we went to TJMaxx to look for bedspreads. I'm trying my hardest to get our guest bedroom and bathroom looking pretty. Unfortunately, everything that didn't have a place was shoved in the guest bedroom and it looks ridiculous. We're trying to get it decorated and things hung on the walls so that people won't be embarrassed to spend the night with us. We were unsuccessful at TJMaxx. We found several cute, inexpensive spreads but not in the correct size. We'll have to check back later!

Saturday evening we decided not to take the little ill-pill out to dinner. He'd only taken one nap for me all day so we thought it might be a little risky to push it. Instead, we picked up Mellow Mushroom and brought it home.

Yesterday, I got the bright idea to go to Macon to River Crossing. HA! I couldn't believe that no one was there! It was really dead! Well, that's probably because it was 101* outside and everyone else was smart enough to stay home. It was a fun outing and we got a few things. Baby Gap was having a bathing suit sale and we got another bathing suit for this year for $4 and one for next year for $5!

Our last stop in Macon was Sam's. EVERYONE decided to go there. Sunday afternoon is the worst time to go to Sam's, but it had to be done. Thankfully it didn't take us forever and we were able to get home before James' evening meltdown.

I can't believe that was the last weekend of JUNE and next weekend is the 4th! Time flies...

I PROMISE to post James' 8 month pictures/post later today or tomorrow. My computer has been freezing lately so I've not really used it much. I'm only a week late on it. Oops!

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