Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sunday Visitors

Whew! After a busy, busy, busy weekend we had visitors on Sunday. It was great, though, because we literally laid around while they were here! (James was still in his jammies! He and I skipped church on Sunday!)

Little Winston sure does love Wicky Wance. Lance calls James Little Winston because someone made the comment one time that he is rolly-poly like Winston Churchill. It's funny to me that he hasn't been around Lance very many times but he thinks he's hilarious!

My sweet cousin Molly finally got to meet James! Every time I go to Tifton during the week Anna tries to get me to go by her office to visit Molly but I haven't ever been able to find the time to get up there! So Molly just loaded up with Anna and Lance and came all the way up to see us! I was so glad to get to visit with her!

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