Friday, May 28, 2010

James at Seven Months...

***Better late than never, right? I wrote this last week. I intended to take a picture. Then we went out of town. Then Blogger decided to hate me. Then my memory card quit working. Then I finally took a picture. Then my computer decided to hate me. The end.***

So here's the post of what James has been up to lately. I think I'm about to lose my computer. It seems to be on its last leg. Let's hope that this isn't the last post I ever make...

At seven months, James...

* Is pretty much back on a schedule. He's up every morning between 6:30 and 7:30. Usually we go ahead and get up and he plays until about 8:30 or 9. He naps for an hour or two. (We're moving toward two 2-hour naps a day instead of four 1-hour naps. I love it.) At night we've been doing a bath around 8 and putting him to bed around 8:30. He'd love to go to bed earlier, but we can't figure it out. Eddie is still rocking him at night.

* He's still wearing a size 3 diaper.

* He's eating every 3 hours during the day.

* He likes his pacifier more now than he has in the past. He takes it more often during the day now. He really likes to have one in his mouth and one in his hand.

* He still sleeps in his crib. Lately I've gotten up once or twice during the night to put his paci back in his mouth. I think he's about to have two top teeth so I'm assuming that's why he's waking up.

* We did away with the Miracle Blanket a while back but left the sleep positioner in his crib until just this week. When we took it out it was as though he'd been liberated. We never know how we'll find him. He prefers his left side but will also sleep on his stomach or his back. Eddie found him smushed up into the bumper the other day. (No, I haven't taken it out...) He almost always sleeps with his wubbie on his face. We have to move it every time we go in to check on him.

* He's pretty happy during the day. He's usually only a grump if he's hungry or sleepy. We had a bad stretch of time yesterday where he was fine if I held him but flipped out when I put him down. Those days are rare, but still make me lose my mind and cause Eddie to get emails and phone calls saying "Come. home. soon."

* He has TWO teeth that he proudly shows off (and will use if you're brave enough to stick a finger in his mouth!) and two more that can be seen under the gum at the top but haven't poked through yet.

* Still loves his carseat. He's more alert in the car these days, especially on short trips. He doesn't fall asleep immediately anymore unless it's truly naptime. He's about to outgrow his carseat which leaves Eddie seeing dollar signs. The straps are on the tallest setting and there's not much more room to grow. His growth, however, has slowed down so maybe we'll make it through the summer in this seat. It goes up to 32 pounds but he's a tall boy.

* Still loves to be on the go! He acts so much better in public than at home. I think he just likes looking at new things.

* He now rides in a grocery cart and sits in a high chair at restaurants. Little boy LOVES to be able to look around!

* Still loves a bath.

* He can sit up on his own!

* He still jabbers ALL the time. He's not really grunty anymore. He's laughing more often and is very ticklish.

* He's gotten better about putting his pacifier in his mouth but still needs to do some work on that trick!

* He reaches for and grabs things that are put in front of him.

* He can roll from his back to his tummy and from tummy to back. We cannot keep him from doing it anymore. If he’s laid on his back, he immediately flips over.

* He wants to crawl badly and he puts his legs underneath him and rocks on all fours but can't figure out how to propel himself forward. Sometimes he just throws himself forward like he's playing leap frog. He also slides on his belly some. Usually if he wants something he just rolls to it. I've had to start picking up everything. Baby-proofing time is rapidly approaching, as is the time when I will have no time to sit still!

* He’s finding his voice. He squeals ALL the time. So cute!

* His newest tricks are dancing (wiggling when I ask him how to dance) and giving kisses (the open-mouth kind that make you need to wipe your face).

* He is SO much fun!

***To add to all of the above, we'll be lowering his crib this weekend. Every time in the past two days we've gone in to get him after a nap or first thing in the morning he's been sitting up. We had no idea he could go from his belly or back to a sitting up position. We haven't actually witnessed it. We had seen him faceplant to a crawling position from a sitting position, but not vice versa. We don't want a little Houdini in our house so we'll try to outsmart him before he tries to climb over the side of his bed.***

***His new favorite game is to climb off the sofa when he's sitting on it. Nevermind that he can't stand up on his own yet. It's lots of glorious fun. Refer to the previous statement and it'll make more sense now why we'll be lowering his bed.***

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