Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend Update...

Can you believe it's already Sunday night? I feel like our weekends FLY by...especially now that it's warming up because there are things that Eddie has to do outside.

We spent the weekend as we normally do - by eating out Friday night (the Mexican place down the street that we hadn't been to in a while), working around the house on Saturday (Eddie planted and pinestraw-ed and I pulled weeds and scraped paint), and we had visitors today!

Keith and Shelley decided to "take a drive" to visit since we hadn't seen them since JANUARY. It was a fun visit! We had lunch at Outback and we went to Kohl's and Game Stop.

Eddie has spent the afternoon working in the office. We both needed updates on our virus protection on our computers and he needs to get some work done on taxes. Yuck-O! Bleh!

James and I have spent the afternoon jumping, snuggling, tickling, and playing on the floor!

We don't have a busy week planned but it is a SHORT week! Thank goodness! This week and next week Eddie will be off on Friday. Very nice! We'll be celebrating Easter in Tifton this year but plan to get some work done around here (does it ever end?) on Friday and Saturday.

I've once again fallen off the reading bandwagon so I don't have any updates on what I've been reading but hopefully over the next two weeks I'll be able to remedy that. It's SO much easier to fall into bed at the end of the day and watch television. But I've GOT to get some reading done!

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