Friday, November 13, 2009

Trip to Tifton!

We took a surprise trip to Tifton yesterday afternoon. It was a SUPER quick trip. Eddie had a meeting at Ferry Lake and needed to be there and I didn't much like the idea of being alone with my cranky (in the evenings) baby for so many hours so we loaded up and went with him!

After running a few errands we went to my mama's house and at supper with her and Anna. Dixie did NOT know what to make of this little thing that squirmed and made noises. She didn't bark too much while we were there, but she was EXTREMELY cautious about WHO the intruder was. She needed to be reminded that everyone still loved HER. We visited with Poppy for about 3 minutes before Eddie picked us up to go to Grandmama and Granddaddy's house to visit. When we got there we got a bath from Moseby and scared Skunk a little bit! We visited until about 11:15 and then hit the road to head home.

On the plus side, James is the BEST car rider. He conks out as soon as he lays down in that carseat and doesn't wake up at all! (So far!) On the negative side, all of the attention and snuggling and sleeping make for a WIDE AWAKE baby late at night. Mr. Grumpy Pants kept me up until 1:30 last night SCREAMING. How Eddie sleeps through a screaming baby in the bed with him is beyond me, but he snored through all of the agony. I finally got him to go to sleep about an hour after we got home and he'd eaten and he slept until 5 am! Woohoo! I can handle just the one wake-up call! Fantastic!

I'm not sure we'll be doing any of the late-night trips anytime soon since it threw us all out of whack, but it was fun to visit!

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