Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Fence Project

We had a crew up over the weekend to help us begin work on our privacy fence. Cal came up early Saturday morning - they were already working by the time I got up at 7:20 - and Chuck came up later in the morning.

The boys were pretty sure that the time-consuming part was going to be digging the holes, but it actually turned out to be pretty easy. The weather worked in their favor and the ground was wet from rain. They DID run into clay several inches in, but it must not have been bad because they were almost done with digging by 10.

Next, they began to set posts around the perimeter. I was sort of amazed at how long this took, until I watched them. They poured quick-crete into each hole to make it sturdy, got out the level to make sure it was standing just so, and then packed it all down and moved on to the next. They quickly discovered that it was helpful for all three of them to be there. One poured the quick-crete, one stirred and packed the quick-crete, one set up the post and made sure it was level.

The post-leveling went on until 7:30 or 8 and then we called them in to eat pizza. We had some tired boys at our house on Saturday night!

Sunday morning it was just Cal and Eddie and they began putting the 2x4s on the posts. Three 2x4s between every two posts. We could keep a horse in our backyard if it wasn't illegal. And, you know, if we had one and all. It will not, however, keep in two dogs. Scout and Moseby would take one look at it, hop through it, and we'd be chasing them for hours. Ok, maybe we wouldn't chase Mose for hours, but Scout is a different story. We'd probably only have to chase Mose for seconds. Poor baby.

The last two steps have yet to be done. Eddie will work on putting pickets on the fence whenever he gets the chance. The we have to build gates to go on as well.

Overall, it was a really good weekend! Things went much faster than they'd expected. The parts Eddie truly couldn't have done by himself are done now. I really wish I'd gotten a picture of Cal and Eddie and the auger. With their shorts, high socks, and boots, they were really stylin'. Ha! I do have pictures of our progress so far, but I'm too lazy to get my camera and upload pictures this morning. You'll see it another time!

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