Thursday, August 6, 2009

Book Update

Nothing much to report on my ravenous reading...especially since I haven't been doing much reading at all! I finished "The Horse and His Boy" last week. I was a bit disappointed by it. I occurs while the Narnia children are still in Narnia as grown-up rulers. Maybe the characters come into play more in the later books, but if not I'm not sure what the point was. I just didn't like it.

I started "Prince Caspian" on Monday and so far I've enjoyed it. I've only gotten about halfway through it.

I'm also still working on "Eclipse." It's going ok, I just haven't had time to sit and read lately.

I think I need to steer away from the series after I finish these. I'm a little burned out on having to read book after book of the same character. We'll see what I'll try next.

I've enjoyed doing all of this reading. I keep thinking about how I'd plan lessons around some of these books and then realize I don't need to. School started for Tift today and it was a little sad that I wasn't going. I'd be over it in about three weeks, though! Good luck to all of you who DID go back today! Enjoy the year!

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