Friday, December 5, 2008

Oh, the Irony!

We got our very first married Christmas tree last night! It was an exciting evening! I know most people go to a Christmas tree farm and cut their tree down, but unfortunately the kind of trees that I like can't be found growing in Georgia!

So...we went to a place where they have Frasier Firs propped up so that you can look at them. We quickly realized it was NOT the place for us, as the size we were considering was priced at around $100-120! We saw a tree there for $180!!!!

So...I broke down and we headed to Lowe's (because I hadn't been in about a week!). We got a larger tree at Lowe's because they were so reasonably priced. The catch? You have to pick them up to look at them, they've been laying on top of each other for a while and are smushed, and you can't REALLY see their shape. We picked out one that we thought looked okay and took it home.

After setting it up in the stand and letting the branches fall over night, it still looks pretty good! It SMELLS even better than it looks! It's fantastic! Hopefully when we get back in town on Sunday we'll be able to put lights on it and decorate it.

The funny thing? Because we've never had big trees before on our own, and because I think that ornaments should be heartfelt and "meaningful" we hardly have ANY ornaments! And the tree is 8.5 feet tall!!! Pictures to follow should be interesting!

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Anonymous said...

That is ironic since I could probably fill up an entire tree with all the Minnie ornaments people have given me over the last few years! Now I know what to get you guys for Christmas!
You also could have named your blog too many stockings not enough ornaments!