Sunday, December 7, 2008

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

We've ALMOST finished with our Christmas decorating around here. Not ever having been a big decorator for Christmas before - living in apartments and small houses and all - I had NO IDEA how time consuming and expensive it was. So we stuck to the basics: A santa sign on the front door, poinsetta arrangments on the stoop (which I haven't finished yet), two nativities, a tree, a few knick knacks here and there, and an advent wreath. Here are a few pictures so that you can marvel at my handiwork. Unfortunately, I've misplaced my camera's battery charger and I ran out of battery power last night so I can't show you the finished product. Stop by so you can SEE instead!

Eddie works to get the net off of the tree.

Half done!


Ornament made last year by Anna!

Star tree-topper from Target. It has a light in it but Target decided to make the cord short as well as WHITE. Why would you make a white cord for something on a Christmas tree. Ours isn't lit.

A cute baby Christmas cactus!

Nativity from Bethlehem

Santa has already come to see Mosby and Scout...just don't tell them!

Bradford Pear trees in the backyard...they were beautiful a few days ago! Now they're almost bare!

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