Sunday, October 5, 2008

Georgia National Fair

Well, our weekend went by quickly but was extremely successful!

I took off on Friday because Mom was coming in to town and I really need to spend some time unpacking and cleaning up for our company...okay, that and I just needed a day away from teenagers. We spent the day unpacking and arranging all of my things. Our house is really seeming to come together. If we could just get our kitchen in order - cabinet doors painted and on and our counter tops installed - then we'd be in business!

Mrs. Bobby brought a treat for us back from South Carolina sometime this summer when she was up there visiting. Her mama had these HUGE concrete planters and no one was using them so she brought them back for our house. I'd been eyeing the mums at Publix so when Mom was here, she and I went to pick out two for our front porch. I think they look LOVELY and I'm loving that we're using things from Eddie's grandmama's house. It makes this one seem pretty special.

On Friday night Jelks and Amy came into town and the four of us went to the Tift County/Houston County football game. I must say that it was a little strange to go to a game where I want to cheer for one side but I'm SUPPOSED to cheer for the other side. (I won't say who I was truly pulling for...) It wound up being a pretty close game. TCHS only won by one touchdown!

On Saturday morning we got up and had breakfast at Dunkin' Donuts. Really good bagels and coffee...mmm mmm! We got ready to head out and then waited on Keith, Shelley, and Cal to join us. They came around lunch so we grabbed something to eat before heading over to the fair.

The fair was SO crowded on Saturday. I felt like there were a million things to see and do and we hardly got to see any of it! We got to see Caylor dance, visited a little with some people that we ran into (yea Nicole for getting 5th place!), and went in search of Dad's carving. On that note, I must brag a little bit. For those of you who don't know my daddy, he is quite the artist. Over the past fifteen years or so (how long have you been doing it, Dad?) he's gotten to be quite a talented carver. He's tinkered with his little "hobby" for a while and I think he's pretty darn good at it! The people at the Georgia National Fair must think he's pretty good, too, because underneath his carving of Santa, he had a first place ribbon AND an award of excellence. I'm pretty proud!

We really went to the fair for the Luke Bryan/Jason Aldean concert so at about 7 we ventured into the arena to see that. Luke Bryan was fun, although I thought it was a little better last year. The boys really liked the denim jacket that he had on - it appeared to have a hot pink butterfly on the back of it. We were slightly confused by his choice of dress. Between Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean's sets I began to feel a little yucky. I kept getting hotter and hotter and felt like I might get sick. Eddie and I wound up leaving before Jason Aldean was finished and I can't really remember much about that part of the show except that the drummer was pretty great.

All in all our weekend was another great one! Tomorrow's Monday and I'm not really ready to start another week. Seems like I have too much to do lately and I'd rather be here or spending time with my long-lost friends than at the school. You can't blame me for that, right? It's a short week, though, and Myrtle Beach is only THREE days away! I hope you all have a great week as well!

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Anonymous said...

Talked to your Mom & Sonny at the party Saturday. She said the house is really coming together & told me all about everything yall had going on. Keep up the good work & it will be done before you know it! Glad you are feeling better.