Friday, October 24, 2008

The Amazon Kindle

I am WAY ahead of Oprah. I promise that I REALLY am. And while she beat me to owning one, she did not beat me to knowing about and wanting one.

The Kindle is the future of reading as we know it, I think. I remember talking to Sonny a few years ago about how I wanted to open a bookstore one day. He made the comment that in the future he thought that books would be obsolete and would be on computer. I HATE the idea of that, because there is something incredibly comforting to me about flipping pages in a book, browsing in a bookstore, and seeing books on bookshelves. However, I think that he's right about technology taking over. I also think that Sonny and I should've marketed that idea so that right now we'd be BAJILLIONAIRES and I could give you all a Kindle for Christmas.

For those of you who don't know what the Kindle is, Amazon has created for books what an iPod is for music. It is a device that you are able to download copies of books for around $10 each. It holds all of your books in one place - a portable device about the size of a sheet of paper. You can also download audiobooks, magazines, newspapers, and music. I think it's genius. I currently use most of my iPod space for audiobooks. I take it to school to listen to it, I listen to it while I'm getting ready in the mornings (Eddie is NOT a morning person...he communicates in grunts prior to 8 AM so I'm happy to listen to something else instead), I listen while I'm cleaning, I listen while I'm riding in the car. I'm ALL about audiobooks.

I'm definitely wanting one of these. The pricetag is STEEP, though. They're on Amazon for $359 but for the next week you can get a code from for $50 off.

Anyway, just thought I'd fill you in on the next wave of the future. Please don't think I'm ready to let go of paper just yet - I got a box of 8 new books from Amazon just today. But cool is the Kindle??!?!

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