Sunday, September 7, 2008

Home again, home again

We came back to Tifton this weekend in order to pack up a few things to take back to Kathleen with us. We've been living at the house (camping out on an air mattress!) and we've needed more than we have there so we made a trip to get some of our stuff. I have dirty laundry up to my eyeballs and actually HAD to go to Old Navy the other night (darn!) to buy some khaki pants to wear to school on Thursday. Horrible, huh? Anyway, we're getting a washer and dryer from Eddie's house to take with us so hopefully my days of impulse shopping are over (whatever...we all know they're not!). Our master bedroom closet is finished except for cleaning the carpet so I'm moving my stuff into that this afternoon. We're also almost completely finished with the master bathroom - except for painting the cabinet and tiling the floor - so we're taking some things for the bathroom as well.

The plan is to move even MORE stuff next weekend. Hopefully all of our den stuff, bedroom stuff, guest bedroom stuff, and office stuff will go. We have a lot of STUFF. That's all if we get our carpet replaced this week.

We've had a horrible time trying to match the flooring that's down in the den. We want to extend that to the kitchen and dining room so hopefully SOON we'll be able to match it.

The kitchen renovation is also on the horizon so we're nearly there! Just a few more things to do!!!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new house. I LOVE your address announcement card. What a wonderful idea. Our first Thursday/Friday meal without you today! We really missed you. Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend.