Monday, September 15, 2008

Excuse Our Mess! (And Our Mismatched Furniture!)

We're officially moved in! With the help of LOTS of loving family and friends (THANKS!) we were able to move the vast majority of our stuff this weekend from Tifton to Kathleen. We still lack some things at both houses but we got the big stuff moved and we're getting it settled.

I wanted to post some new pictures of the progress that has been made. The only things that we haven't finished are the kitchen and the floor in the dining room. Hopefully both of those things will be done in the next two weeks.

The yard has been nicely fixed up thanks to Dad and Laura!

I should probably update the window cut-out picture. It looks much better all painted now!

Master Bedroom during painting...

Master Bedroom AFTER painting!

Dining Room during painting...(Funny story...Eddie and Mr. Tommy painted using a roller where you suck your paint up into it. It worked FINE until we got to the red room, of course! It started leaking and we wound up with red paint all along the chair rail, the bottom of the wall, and the carpet. Murder at Fresh Manor!)

Dining Room AFTER! There has been LOTS of picking about this room but I like how it turned out. It's a little more Georgia-red than I wanted it to be but I think it looks nice.

Last picture - just for Shelley! These are my mattresses. They're king size and they're hand-me-downs. I think they must've been my some of my ancestors' around the time that Columbus founded America! The box-springs are HEAVY. It's all real wood...nothing fake! But they are, at least, two separate pieces. The mattress is HEAVY as well and has indentations on it from where two people must've slept for 50 years. (It's uncomfortable but I'm not complaining after sleeping on an air mattress and the dirty floor for two weeks.) Anyway, the mattress is also, as you can tell, not very sturdy. Shelley was trying to pick it up out of the way the other day when we were moving and Keith, Michael, and I stood back and watched her. When she began to get smushed we all stood and laughed and got our cameras out. I wish I had a video of it, too!!!

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