Wednesday, May 28, 2008

School's Out for Summer!

School is officially over for another year. I finished my last day of post-planning today and my last day at Eighth Street Middle School. I'm actually a little sad. I know that I'm not as sad as I will be in August when I have to start over in a new environment, but I do know that I'll miss all the wonderful people I've worked with over the past two years. I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed teaching with and learning from them all. That last part is an understatement...I couldn't begin to tell you how much I've learned!!!

Upcoming events for me: Heading to the beach tomorrow to meet Eddie. He's already down in Jacksonville at a conference there. On Friday at lunch after Eddie's conference is over he'll head over to St. Augustine for a weekend of R&R. It will most likely be our last weekend without something to do and somewhere to go. When we get back I've been told that the wedding planning will be kicked into HIGH gear! I can't wait... :)

The house hunting story is about the same...not sure what to do next. I know I'll be in Perry for at least one day next week so I anticipate we'll be with Kristen that day looking at houses. I'm ready to have something!!! I know that I've said that before...

Our engagement pictures turned out GREAT. The direct link is I think they are lovely. We ordered 5 5x7's that come in our package but on top of that we ordered a canvas with 3 other pictures on it. I wound up paying almost $200 for it but it's SO worth it. How many times will we look that way and have pictures that look like that??? I was very excited and impressed. I can't WAIT for wedding pics!

More soon!


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Anonymous said...

LOVE the engagement pictures!! Especially the ones where you are laughing. Cant wait till the big day-Im so happy for you two!