Monday, February 20, 2023

7th Grade Swim

 James has year two of our middle school's swim team under his belt and he ROCKED it. Last year, it was so fun to watch him try a new sport, but this year he really, really found a groove and had such a fantastic season!

Last year, for the season, he won  most improved for the team. I'm excited for him to go to the swim banquet this year, but I don't think we'll see the major improvement in times that we saw from his first meet last year to the last meet last year.

I am missing some of the results from one of the meets for this year, but of the ones I could find James had individual placements in: 1st place in 50 yard butterfly, 4th in 100 yard breast, 5th in 50 yard breast, 6th in a 200 yard freestyle, 7th in a 50 free, 8th in a 100 free, and two 10th place finishes in 50 frees. For his relays he and his teammates had a 1st place finish in a 200 free, 2nd in a 400 free two times, 3rd in a 400 free, 4th in a 200 free, 4th in a 200 medley, 5th in a 200 medley, and 6th in a 200 free. They lost LOTS of 8th graders to high school this year but even so they had a tremendous season! They aren't losing quite as many next year so they should be even better! I can't wait!

While James doesn't LOVE swim, he has found his groove and really pushed hard. He seems to be one of the 7th grade leaders. I've watched practice a few times and he seems to be one of the faster kids at practice and he doesn't love to just loaf around. He'd rather get out there, get it done, and move on. We were hoping he would do club swim over the summer, but he thinks he will be a little bored if he swims summer and then turns around and has to swim again in October. SO. Jury is still out, but he's leaning toward skipping. Either way, we are excited to watch him in his final year of swim next year AND we are hopeful that a certain baby brother will join him!

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