Tuesday, January 3, 2023

2023 Goals.

 A few weeks ago we reviewed our family goals from last year - we met some and we didn't meet others - and we began making a list of new ones for this year. I listened to a podcast recently about helping your kids set goals for themselves - spiritual, educational, physical, etc. - and have been talking to both boys, but especially James, about that recently. The podcast basically said that if you help your kids learn to set their own goals, THEY have invested in what's important to them and then you won't nag them to do things that YOU want them to do, but encourage them to work toward what THEY wanted to do. This one hit home because there's been a lot of nagging at our house. I'm not going to share theirs this year, because as they get older I feel like a lot more of what they tell me is just meant to be for us, but I am going to share mine. These aren't resolutions (or "revolutions" as Will has been accidentally calling them - and I haven't corrected), but goals and things I'd like to work toward this year. If I work toward them but don't hit them, ok! But I'm still making forward progress!

Read 100 Books

This seems to ALWAYS be my goal and I have yet to hit it, but I am so determined to do that at some point. I've actually already finished one book today! WOOHOO! James and I were discussing grades last night with another friend and I encouraged both of them to do hard work at the beginning of the semester rather than doing mediocre work until the midterm and then having to really work hard to pull out whatever grade they were hoping for. So I'm using that same advice for myself and I'm planning to REALLY work hard to read as much as I can in the early months of the year so that when the busyness of October, November, and December hits I'm not having to scurry OR face the impossible task of finishing. I keep up with all of my books on Goodreads and hit 63 for 2022. Nowhere near 100, but WAY more than the 10 I read in 2017! Wow! (I count all paper books, e-books, and audiobooks and also include anything I read to/with my boys that is over 100 pages.)

Move my body more!

Shouldn't we all strive to do this each day? 

Learn a new hobby.

Unsure what this one looks like. I'll keep you posted on what new hobby I find...

Travel more.

I'm so interested in finding new adventures, whether it's close by or hitting the road somewhere. We have a trip planned in a few weeks and then nothing on the horizon but a few ideas. I can't wait to see where this year takes us, though. Last year I visited two new states (a total of 9 states in the year) and I'm hoping to see more new states this year!

Spend more time with my boys.

They're growing up so fast!!! (The traveling also forces them to hang out with me!)

Grow my PaperPie business.

What's PaperPie, you ask? Usborne Books and More, of which I've been a consultant for a few years now, has rebranded into PaperPie. I LOVE books and selling these books has been a no brainer for sure. We've really enjoyed them and I've enjoyed pairing them with activities to share with families looking for a way to connect. I'd love to share it with you! Visit my website here or ask me anything!

Read the Bible in a year.

Again, this one I try every year. I need to stick with it!!!

So there you have it! My goals for the upcoming year! Let's do this!

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