Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Boo to You!

Gifts are my love language. I love getting them and I love giving them. Obviously, gifting my babies is the easiest thing ever so I tend to do it for fun when holidays roll around. When James was born I started the tradition of buying Halloween books for him. Since then, we've mightily expanded our Halloween book library. I bought each boy a few new titles this year from our Scholastic flier from school (side note: I heart Scholastic.) and threw in two new dollar bin movies each for good measure! I stuffed the goodies into their Halloween treat bags and called it a day. They. were. thrilled. I got lots of hugs and "thank you, Mom!" and then we set off to reading our new books. I'll share ALL of our favorite books and movies with you very soon. It is seriously so easy to make someone's day with a few quick little goodies. I'll also share how to send the fun to your neighbors' houses as well!

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Meggie said...

Gifts are my love language too. =) And we LOVE collecting Halloween books and pulling them out every October.