Monday, March 28, 2016

Soppy Easter!

I am going to be doing some back-pedaling this week on the blog because Mom and I went on a trip March 5-9 and I still haven't shared the pictures from that. My computer is FULL and I'm having a hard time getting my pictures to upload without crashing my computer so THAT is on the list this week. Backup, delete, upload!

Our Easter weekend was so much fun! It was SO much better than last year. (Ugh. Stomach bug for one last year. At least it was just one but it lasted for three days.) We had a great weekend, despite the FLOOD that we've lived through. (Not really a flood...just almost completely constant rain.)

On Friday we had our eggs hunts at school. I got to go to Will's party for a few minutes and watch them hunt eggs in their classroom.

After lunch at Barberitos, we headed {in the rain} to James' school for his egg hunt. His teacher reserved the cafeteria for them to hunt and it wound up being great. They could run {as could a certain preschooler and his best buddy who are UNBELIEVABLY wild together} and there was plenty of room! Plus, they fed them afterwards and it wasn't a mess in the classroom. We wound up checking James out at 2:30 when it was over {eek! we even walked right past the principal...but seriously, they were not getting those kids to do anything after that wild party!} and then we got home and there was a truancy letter in the mailbox for us. HAHAHAHAHAHA! {Never fear. He has LOTS of missed days this year, but all but 2 have doctor's excuses. It was just a reminder, not a notice of a meeting or anything.}

On Saturday we hit the ground running. The Easter Bunny visited our house overnight {we do the Easter Bunny the day before Easter because we go to early church AND I want it to be separate from the real reason we celebrate Easter...} The boys got lots of fun things for summer - new bathing suits, new Crocs, swim shirts, and a few new movies and books. Our Easter Bunny typically brings us things we'll need for summer that Mama was going to buy anyway.

{the egg-laying chicken has been the hit of the party...he says it's pooping, though. BOYS!}

We headed to our church's Easter egg hunt right after opening our Easter baskets. I was in charge of the cookie decorating station. Do you know what happens when you put a germaphobe in charge of a food station? I was a nervous wreck when it was all said and done! Whew! The best way to do it is put a cookie on a plate, scoop icing on the back of a spoon, and let them keep that spoon to lick. I handled ALL icing. I swapped out a few candy-scooping spoons, but overall I think it went great! {If you've never been around me, you may not know the height at which my germaphobe-ness reaches. I am off-the-charts.} The boys had a GREAT time hunting eggs {inside!}, singing, bouncing, and sliding.

We spent the evening at a friend's house for a "baby birthday party" as the boys kept calling it. It was our friends' one year old boy. It was a small shindig, but the food was DELISH and the boys had a great time playing with their buddies. {We have little stair-steps. B was born in June 2009, James in October 2009, T in June 2011, and Will in February 2012.}

On Sunday morning, my handsome boys and I headed off to early church. We were so thankful we went then because the 11 o'clock service was standing room only. Yikes! After Sunday School, we came home for Easter lunch with some of our family and a few friends. Everyone brought a side, Eddie and I had meat and dessert, and it was great time! 

Eddie and I each chose a sofa after everyone was gone and we slept for 2.5 hours! The boys slept 0 hours or minutes, but they rested with a movie so that was nice. We were wiped out! Here are pictures from Easters-past. I did not take a whole family picture this year, but I should have. Eddie did NOT wear the same khaki suit. Check out what Will's wearing and Eddie was his twin. I matched James in a green floral dress. 








We had such a good weekend! Hope your Easter was nice, too!

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