Monday, March 14, 2016

Bulldog of the Month!

From the beginning of school, James' ambition has been to be Bulldog of the Month. Each month, every teacher in the school (the ones that have classes, at least) pick a student to be their student of the month. The first few months went by and James was so excited for each of his friends. Around November, he decided that he REALLY wanted it. And then December happened and whoa. James had a few little behavior issues pop up in December. He had to move his bone (the school's discipline system) two or three times over being REALLY silly and ridiculous at school. Eddie and I were really, really surprised because he is NEVER a school problem. Ever. And then our preschool director reminded us that James has never had an immature moment, BUT he is still a kindergartener that is, for the first time ever, out from under his mama's thumb all day. So there were a few little growing pains. His teacher actually told him that if he ever wanted to be Bulldog of the Month then he needed to get it together! He took her seriously and he has WORKED since then. 

At the end of February, his teacher announced that he would be Bulldog of the Month for February! He was SO excited to tell us! I went into his classroom one day about two weeks ago and he and a friend were sitting next to each other. I whispered, "Mrs. G. trusts y'all to sit next to each other now?!" and he whispered back, "MOM. I AM Bulldog of the Month." *sigh* Hello? Ha!

Our school does a breakfast for Bulldogs of the Month so that parents can see their child get their certificate (and a few prizes). Sadly, that breakfast was last Tuesday while I was out of town. James was a little sad that I couldn't be there, but told me that if I would make him spaghetti he would forgive me. :) He's pretty easy to please, huh? Eddie and Will went to cheer him on and Eddie even took pictures for me!

We are SO proud of James and his hard work this year! Here is what his teacher said about picking him: "I am proud to announce James is our Bulldog of the Month. James has worked hard to become our Bulldog of the Month. James displays constant Bulldog Pride. He is respectful to each of the adults in our classroom. He follows directions the first time given. James cares about others' feelings by helping each of his classmates when he or she may need help. James is a true {school} Bulldog. Way to go, James! Keep up the hard work!"