Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Will at Four.

Will had his four-year well-check today and we were thrilled to know that he passes with flying colors and they are going to allow him to be a four-year-old! It has been touch-and-go the past few weeks with some babyish behavior, but they told us today that he is mature enough to graduate from three to four! Thank goodness!

We arrived at his well-check and someone from the sick side threw up on the floor as we were walking in. YES. The doctor's office is my idea of hell, especially since flu is RAMPANT right now. She said they haven't seen much stomach virus, but that flu is AWFUL. Y'all. Wash your hands. I have always been on the fence about the flu shot, but I have decided after not getting it this year that the shot is better than the anxiety all season about getting it. We will get it from now on. Remind me of that statement in the fall. 

We got him weighed and measured and he is a whopping 41 pounds and 41 inches. That puts him in the 75th percentile for height and 85th percentile for weight. Sadly, I didn't blog James' 4 year check-up (or if I did I cannot find it...) so I have no idea how he measures up to James. The height predictor on Baby Center says that at 18 Will should be 6 feet tall while James should only be 5'9". SO. That will be interesting. We keep telling James it's because Will eats his fruits and veggies and James doesn't. I think some of Eddie's granddaddy's and my mama's family's genes have slipped through. Eddie and I are not small people, but we do come from small people. Will is not small people.

They asked him to draw a circle, what to do if a stranger came to the door, whether he wears his carseat, what to do before crossing the street, etc. and he passed with flying colors! His eyes and ears are in perfect condition! We chatted about a rash he has had on his chest - dry skin - and his speech - she isn't concerned but thought it was fine that we're doing a little early intervention - and we went on our merry way! Easy, peasy!

He had to get three shots today and he was NOT happy about that. James took his like a champ when he was four but Will screamed and cried and looked at us like we had betrayed him. Thankfully they were over quickly, but he milked those for the rest of the day. Did you know that shots could cause a limp? :) He got a bag of goodies from Mrs. Jennifer and I got him a milkshake after we picked James up from Cacky's house.

THRILLED to have the four-year appointment behind us. I do love seeing how my boys are growing and seeing where they measure up, but the four-year checkup is a DOOZY. We are so happy to have a healthy, growing boy. More about Will and his birthday soon!

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