Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Dear William...

Dear William,

Your birthday was on Saturday but we were having so much fun celebrating that I am just now sitting down to think about all the things I want to tell you.


I cannot believe you are FOUR years old. I know that I will say that every year of your life and I know that it really DOES seem like four years (or more?!) have passed, but I still can't believe YOU are four.


Your life has seemed like a whirlwind to me so far. With James, we eased into parenthood. I stayed home with him and we were in Perry so it was just us and it was quiet. Your life has never been quiet. You had an older brother and then when you were 17 months old we moved and when you were 19 months old Poppy died and then I started working again and then we bought a house and James started kindergarten and a million little things in between that have just made your life LOUD. I am home with you today because your shots yesterday have made you run a fever and I LOVE days like this with you that aren't LOUD.

You are such a wild little man. You aren't wild in the run-around-like-crazy sense of the world, not really. You are a BOY, but you are wild in a different way. You are sneaky and you make up the most crazy stories (LIES!) and you are TOUGH and you are the snuggliest thing ever. You are a mama's boy and I love it, but you say that you are "Mama's boy AND Daddy's boy."

You love...Paw Patrol, medicine, your "wolf pack" at school, snuggling, watching Netflix, playing with "Names," playdates, giving me kisses to make Daddy jealous, and trying new foods.

You don't like...going to school (this is seriously a struggle every day and has been for three love school, but hate GOING), eggs, grits, princesses, being on-the-go, eating lunch (OHHHH the struggle every day), taking a nap, and not being as old as James.

You keep us on our toes for SURE. You know those people that say their kids are "into everything?" might put their kids to shame. There are times when I wonder how you even THOUGHT to get into the mischief you get into. I  often lock my bedroom door just to keep you from messing with ALL the stuff in the house.

You are growing and changing every day and I just can't believe you are FOUR. One more year having you home and then I have to send you off to "big" school with James. Sometimes I am counting down the days, but most of the time I am dreading it.

I love you, Buddy Boo!


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