Friday, September 25, 2015

Jamberry Hostess of the Month Club

There has been some interest among several of my repeat Jamberry customers for me to form a "Hostess of the Month Club" for those who shop regularly but don't necessarily want to host. I will accept the first seven (I think) people that sign up. Each month you will shop and spend at least $45. When it is your month, you'll be the hostess and earn all of the hostess rewards from everyone's $45 orders combined. You are not required to shop on your own month except to redeem your hostess credits. You can absolutely get your friends to order on your month so that you'll have even greater rewards! Your minimum rewards would be 1 free sheet of nail wraps, $35 in free products, 3 half-price items, 20% off anything else you order, and 1 exclusive hostess wrap for the month that you host. If you'd be interested in joining, please email me ASAP! Only the first seven will be able to participate this time.

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