Monday, August 24, 2015

Wild Adventures!

We're back-tracking to July again today! Y'all, I doubled my work days this year, I added Keep to my daily routine, I still have Jamberry parties going on, and the boys are NON-STOP. I am exhausted. I am still going to try my darnedest to keep up with this blog, but know that it likely isn't going to be daily occurrences anymore. I would say follow me on Instagram (@lefresh) - and I still would love for you to follow me there, but I have a hard time even remembering to post there! Hopefully this is just a back-to-school slump that I'm in. I need some ENERGY and I need it now. Someone (*ahem* Anna) suggested that there might be a bun in the oven but I would like to let you know that that is NOT true. I know a lot of bloggers fall off the face of the earth when they're expecting, but that is not the case here. I think I'm just in need of A) some energy and B) a good routine. I have neither at the moment.

Okay, so back to middle of July. Our church planned to take the younger kids (ages 3-sixth grade) to Wild Adventures in Valdosta for the day. If you live in South Georgia/North Florida and you haven't been to Wild Adventures, you need to go. Our boys have season passes and they LOVE it. We will probably go again in October/November/December when it cools off a bit, but the water park is open in the summer and it is FUN.

I planned to take the boys with the church, but Grandmama and Kelly are big Wild Adventures fans so they decided to go with us. We rode with Grandmama and met the church crowd after we got there.

We started our day on the theme park side. It was cool{er} in the morning so we figured we'd do the roller coasters and then hit the water park later in the day. I hadn't been in years and years and it was SO much fun! We put Will on his very first *real* roller coaster and it was hysterical. I rode with him and as we climbed the first hill he was oohing and ahing about all that he could see and I said, "Pay attention! We're about to go down this hill." He looked up and started screaming like a girl and didn't stop until the end. He wound up LOVING it, but it caught him off guard.

See the tiger?!

After lunch we headed over to the water park side. I had to put my phone away over there so no pictures. Our church group had rented two cabanas and let me tell you, they were awesome! They were shaded, had a fridge, a tv (which we didn't use, obviously), a table, chairs, a fan, and a private bathroom (for all the cabanas). We enjoyed that IMMENSELY. We ran back and forth from the cabana to the water rides. We did have one unfortunate "code brown" moment where we had to evacuate a ride. (We were not the cause of said "code brown," but I did have to explain to some youth boys what it meant and they DIED apologies to those mamas!) The boys had the most fun on the water playground. I HATED IT. I told Mrs. Bobby it was my version of hell. We've discussed here before that I am basically blind and cannot see three feet in front of me without contacts or glasses. I got on that water playground and couldn't even open my eyes. I had to find the boys to tell them I was getting out but I basically walked like a zombie with my arms in front of me and just prayed I'd be able to get out. Thankfully, Kelly played on it with them. Gracious! My FAVORITE ride was one that we all climbed up a huge staircase and sat in a big round float together. It was SO fun. I rode backwards EVERY SINGLE TIME, but it was still awesome! Unfortunately, we had some pretty bad weather while we were there and several times had to stop playing for lightning. We finally called it a day around 5pm (we'd been there since about 10!).

We'll go back for sure later in the year (without the water park). A good time was had by all!

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Chelsea said...

Your boys are so cute!! I just found your blog.. Love it