Monday, July 13, 2015

The Day the Crayons Quit.

A few weeks ago, another blogger posted THIS about Family Book Club. Now y'all know I am all about Book Club. James is ALWAYS mad that he can't go, so FAMILY Book Club seemed liked a great alternative! I ordered the two books that Andrea had done in their FBC so far {she's since added an author study} and penciled a day in on the calendar.

The night before I moved our little children's table into the kitchen and covered it with butcher paper. I put crayons out so that they could color and put the book on our kitchen table. The boys got up and set to work coloring the paper. James {obviously} had clear ideas and rules to follow about the coloring process, but Will wasn't nearly as structured. They colored while I made pancakes {with sprinkles!}.

While the boys were eating, I read The Day the Crayons Quit aloud to them. It's a cute book about a boy whose crayons start writing letters to him about how unsatisfied they are in their work. My favorite is peach who is mad that the boy peeled his paper off and now he is NAKED. I always peeled crayon wrappers off. Does that drive any of you crazy?

After eating breakfast and reading, we settled in on the sofa to watch Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood - the episode about the crayon factory. James had seen Mr. Rogers a few years ago and LOVED it {it's on Amazon Prime if you want to share it with your kids}, but Will had never seen it. They're avid Daniel Tiger fans so they ate. it. up. We'll probably watch more! After watching that episode {that was circa 1985} James shared with me that there's a Daniel Tiger episode about a crayon factory, too! So then we watched that! It was definitely an updated version of the same thing.

The next thing on my schedule was to have the boys use blocks to build crayon factories. I took the opportunity to get a shower so while I was gone the activity kind of fizzled out. We had a few other things to do and didn't get back to playing until later in the afternoon.

Poor White Crayon is upset because he doesn't show up on white paper so we used him to color and then water colored over him! It was really a neat activity. James LOVED it.

We also did the graphing activity that Andrea mentions on her blog. It was fun, but James needed some help doing it and I started him on it when I was making supper.

Overall, this was a fun day! I'll probably follow a few more of Andrea's plans and then do some of my own! The boys loved it!

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Unknown said...

What a fabulous idea! I'm filing this away in the list of things to do!