Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Riverquarium and Merle Haggard.

The first week of July Eddie and I had big plans for a night out at a concert - Merle Haggard. HA! He was on tour near us and we thought we'd get tickets. We asked a few friends if they wanted to join us and one couple did so we made a double date out of it. A few days before the concert the same friend asked if I wanted to take our kids on a day trip so we planned to go to Albany's Flint Riverquarium in the morning and then have dinner and go to the concert that night! It made for a fun day!

We picked the W family up at 10:45 and headed out for our adventure. First stop - the Riverquarium! I had been before Eddie and I were ever married so it was a completely different experience with children. The aquarium is primarily devoted to life around the Flint River with its fish, birds, and reptiles being on display there. There are a few salt water exhibits, but not many. Overall, the place is small, but there was plenty to see. If you were going without children there was a good bit to read, but as we had kids that just RAN from one exhibit to the next, we didn't get to stop and take it all in. We spent a little over an hour going through it before we pressed some pennies (the best souvenir in all the lands!) and left.

We grabbed lunch at Chick-fil-A and took it to the Chehaw playground to picnic and play. It was a FUN outing and I would do it again!

Later that night after we'd arrived back home and showered and gotten ready we met the W (parents only!) for dinner at a local restaurant and headed out to the concert. Eddie got us GREAT seats. We were 8 rows back and right in the middle. It was so much fun!

Thankful for precious friends that are a good fit for our whole family!

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