Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Yard Sales, Princesses, and a Grand Slam Weekend.

We had SUCH a FUN weekend!

On Friday afternoon my boys went to Cacky's for a spend-the-night. I'm not sure when the last time they spent the night with her was. It's been months and months. We needed to get everything ready for our yard sale first thing on Saturday morning and I really, really didn't need my "helpers" shopping our own things. :) James was thrilled because John just pulled out all of his old Legos at Cacky's so it's a brand new thing to play with over there. The boys picked up dinner with Cacky and then stayed up late playing Legos with John and Kayla.

Meanwhile, we were pulling out everything for our yard sale. It snuck up on Eddie (he didn't realize it was THIS weekend) so we didn't put as much stuff into it as we'd expected. We're already planning another one for a weekend in September or October. The things that we did have made the sale go GREAT, though. We sold a stroller, a bookshelf, some curtains that were left in our new house (beautiful and custom-made, but they don't go with anything that we own), and lots and lots and lots of other "stuff." I could not believe the number of people who came through. I think with three families we made over $600. Crazy! And that's giving away a lot and charging $0.25-$1 for MOST things.

While we were yard sale-ing, Kelly and I kept a constant watch on the Lindo Wing. We had a fun time watching and waiting. I saw Prince George leave almost two years ago and we actually caught the princess leave live as well. We even got James on board to watch. My vote for her name was Caroline Elizabeth and we also liked Elizabeth Diana or Diana Elizabeth so we were very close with Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. I'm so glad they honored her grandmother. Her cheeks are something else, aren't they!? Squish! If you didn't see the video of Big Brother George arriving at the hospital, Google it! He's so stinkin' cute.

The other big thing happening this weekend was James' choir musical. He was very excited about it this year. I hadn't listened to any of the songs this time (I was just about over the Christmas musical songs by the time it arrived) so it was completely new to me! It was so cute! It was called In the Big Inning and was a baseball theme. Their shirts were precious, the idea was cute (they turned the big names of the Bible into Hall of "Faith"-ers and used the baseball twist for that...James wanted to know if they were really baseball players in Bible times), and the kids were enthusiastic. It seemed like a small group this year, but it was a great group nevertheless. I sat in a terrible spot. I thought I'd be able to see James perfectly but his music director was in a chair right in front of him. I need him to grow a few inches between now and the next one so I can see him over her head. :)

Poor Eddie has been playing single dad this week. I went to a jam canning class on Monday night (we have a FANTASTIC farmer's market here that sets up fun classes and a friend teaches most of them - I love signing up for them!) and a women's ministry event at church tonight. I was going to play Bunco on Thursday and leave him again but he's decided to go out of town. LOL! I can't say that I blame him! (I'm completely kidding - he IS going out of town for the day, but it's to do some work, not to get away from us!)

Hope you're having a fabulous week!


Jen said...

Let me know if you do anymore of the canning classes. I would love to go to one, but I don't ever know anybody that is going!

Stella Cadente said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend!

Lauren Elizabeth
Petite in Pearls