Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring Break, Part 2!

After Disney on Ice on Thursday night we headed straight to the condo in Palm Coast. We assumed both boys would conk out, but I tried my best to keep them awake. {I didn't want them to sleep and then have a second wind once we arrived.} James passed out and stayed asleep through the elevator and a clothing change once we arrived. Will stayed awake the whole time and had a hard time winding down. Go figure.

On Friday morning once I woke up {I apparently needed some REST on Spring Break} we headed to the pool and spent most of the day. We headed in for lunch mid-afternoon and then everyone took a loooooong nap. James is all about the "night swim" when we're at the beach. We promised we'd either go back out after naps or go for a night swim. Well, when you wake up from naps at 5:30 your options are limited. Mom and I drove up to Tony's to pick up pizza and Eddie took the boys to the pool. When we got back we ate pizza at the pool and then the boys got to ride from the pool to the condo in the Jeep. They were big time. {It's all of 100 yards through a parking lot. Don't send me an email.}

Saturday morning was more of the same. We went to the pool and then came in for lunch and a nap. I can't recall if we went back to the pool after napping or not. We thought we were going to order takeout but none of our phones would work so we chanced it and drove down to JT's to eat - at 6:30...during Spring Break...on a Saturday night. Shockingly, we walked RIGHT IN. Never happens. Cranky Will was a grumpy grumpy. He fussed and whined and carried on. When his meal arrived he inhaled his hamburger and didn't make another peep. Someone needs to be fed and be fed often! JT's is Cacky's least favorite restaurant and James' most favorite. :) That boy can tear up some fried shrimp.

Sunday was our last day and we were all very sad. Will threw a fit about going home and decided he'd just move down there. :) We got up early on Sunday morning, put on our suits, and went for a walk on the beach. We were SHOCKED at the boys. They walked and walked and walked. Hallelujah! There are lots and lots of rocks on the beach at the condo and they climbed and walked and pretty much acted like civilized children. The jellyfish were TERRIBLE. Eddie counted over 60 on our walk. That was a stretch of about 3/4 of a mile. Those big boys walked over one and a half miles!!! It helped that James saw two fishermen on the beach to chat with. He could fish and talk about fishing all day long.

After we got back to the condo we took showers, got ready, packed up, and headed to lunch. We stopped at The Conch House on our way out to fill James' belly with fried shrimp again. It was good! We had to eat inside so we wouldn't have a 25 minute wait and it wound up raining anyway. It was still nice! The alligators were back and that provided some fun entertainment!

 Thankfully, the boys were well-behaved on the way home and slept almost the whole trip. William is a big fan of "the boy with the whip" {aka - Indiana Jones} but he passes OUT whenever we watch it. I made sure to turn that on.

Aside from the illness at the beginning, it was a good spring break! I'm ready for summer!

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