Friday, April 17, 2015

Eyes, Teeth, and Our Future Priest

We have had another busy week! This time of the year is turning out busier every year. All these end-of-the-year things all at once! Whew! This week we tackled a few appointments - eyes and teeth.

A few months ago I mentioned that we suspected that James might be colorblind. When we mentioned it to our pediatrician, she suggested that we see an eye doctor about it. Obviously, there's nothing that can be DONE about color blindness, but she wanted his eyes checked before kindergarten anyway. James and I each had an appointment on Thursday. James went first and was very brave! He passed his first eye exam...barely. :) His vision is fine for now (-0.5 in both eyes) (for reference...I'm -6...good gravy), but she suspects he will be in glasses before he's in 2nd grade. Not at all a surprise to Eddie and me...we both have really bad eyesight and have needed glasses since we were young. As far as the color blindness thing...he is. Obviously this is not the worst thing in the world and not at all surprising. The eye doctor called it an "occupational hazard." We'll share it with his teachers each year, help him pick out his clothes, and teach him to pin his socks together like my daddy. HA!

After leaving the eye doctor, James and Grandmama went to pick up Will and they all went to pick up their newest pets for the zoo at Grandmama's house. (Grandmama's mama was a science teacher and always had crazy animals at her house...our Grandmama is carrying on the tradition!) The boys have had fish and a turtle at Grandmama's (in addition to the two dogs in the backyard), but they've added HERMIT CRABS this time. James is THRILLED. Will is scared of them. He wants to hold the "yittle" ones and leave the big ones for James. I think there are six.

Our next appointment of the day on Thursday was to the dentist! This happens to be a FAVORITE for James so it was no big deal. It was Will's first visit. I'm happy to report that the office is still standing...I was proud. While we were there Will and James BOTH slid down the light pole (you know the kind next to the dentist chair...I can't believe I've never thought about SLIDING DOWN it) and got something stuck to the ceiling which I had to jump up and pull off. Thank GOODNESS we are friends with the dentist. I don't think they'll kick us out. Both boys teeth look GREAT. James' big concern for Dr. L was WHEN are his baby teeth going to fall out. Dr. L made James feel like his concern was SO important and he was just tickled about it. The verdict is that he will PROBABLY lose them sometime this summer. Whew! He is ready. Will's teeth looked great, too.

We've had two swim team practices this week and James is still thrilled with it. They froze their fannies off last night when the temperature dropped down into the 60s outside. I got Will signed up for his own "swim team" this summer. A week of swimming lessons. We can't wait!

Speaking of summer "stuff," we are approaching the last summer before Kindergarten. How the heck did that happen? I know I'm not losing my baby August 4th, but I sure do feel like time is flying by quickly and we don't have enough time for ALL THE THINGS. We've been working on our summer list which I'll share soon here. We've also signed up for several camps in town. One of them is at a museum here and all he heard was FISHING before he said he was IN. Will doesn't have quite as many opportunities for fun things, so he and I may have some adventures on our own.

Today at school James had the opportunity to be the center of attention at school this morning. His teacher came and got me to watch. One of the little girls in his class is the daughter to the Episcopalian priest in town. They are they sweetest family! James volunteered to "suit up" in his Sunday morning priest attire. As his teacher pointed out, it was quite fitting. We will all be shocked if James doesn't go to seminary!

Eddie and I have a weekend to ourselves. We're making up the weekend that the boys missed with Papa and YaYa due to the stomach virus that James had a few weeks ago. After a 5 hour drive to Atlanta, I just got word that they have arrived at their supper location. I'm heading up early next week to retrieve them. Eddie and I have a HUGE list of things to do this weekend - and none of them are fun, unfortunately. I have to get the house SCRUBBED and the garage cleaned out. No rest for the weary around here!

Y'all have a great one!

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Amy said...

y'all have been busy!!! my daddy is colorblind and we always thought it was the coolest thing - ha! now my girls love it too. they will ask him to tell them the color of their shirt or their pictures and when he doesn't know or guesses wrong, they just laugh hysterically. so maybe james can use it to his advantage and be a hit with the ladies! :-)
also - it is helpful to know and awesome that you'll be able to give his teachers a heads up. when i was teaching K, the handwriting paper we used had red and blue lines. so when teaching handwriting, if we were to say "on the red line…." we had a few little boys along the way that had trouble following that direction. come to find out they were colorblind! so his teachers will certainly be glad to know this up front! :)