Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Well, Hello There.

Remember me? The one who used to author this blog? I took a week-long leave of absence completely accidentally. That's what happens during the week following a holiday week.

Long weekends are always full of fun, aren't they? We had a GREAT one. I can't believe how quickly time is passing by these days, though.

The 18th was our 7th anniversary - of our engagement. Ha! I thought about it last week but I didn't think a bit about it on Sunday. Passed right by. I cannot believe we've been married almost 7 years and together 11.5! CRAZY. That's half my life. Hahahaha! Just kidding. 

Will recovered from his cold over MLK weekend and then he passed it off to James and me. Thankfully, this hasn't been anything like the last two times I've been sick with upper respiratory. I felt a little foggy and I couldn't hear or breathe, but I didn't feel bad. Hallelujah! James started feeling bad Monday and has had a yucky nose, but it was nothing compared to the other rounds of illness we've had. He doesn't feel great, but he doesn't feel terrible either.

Friday afternoon - the 16th {the fogginess is making me bounce all over the place here!} -  we left school, got haircuts, and had lunch with Anna and Cacky. Anna had just gotten her hair cut when we arrived at Mrs. Amanda's so she waited on us and we all ate Mexican together.

We also ate supper with Anna and Cacky on Friday night. Sonny's birthday was Wednesday the 14th and each year we've still celebrated. Let me just assure you that dinner with an almost-three-year-old who is coming off of a week of being sick is NO walk in the park. Hooooooly cow. We ate quickly. We were at home at least. 

Saturday we made our third-annual trek to a local museum for Poppy's birthday. That's what he wanted to do on his 60th birthday so for his 61st and 62nd we repeated that. We had a great time despite the grumpy 2 year old we brought with us. Train rides, visiting the animals, making grits, walking through the museum, it was fun! James and I went to lunch with Mom, Kayla, John, and Anna after, but we sent Grumpy Pants McGee home with his daddy for a NAP.

On MLK day we spent the morning and part of the afternoon at a local primary school playing with some friends. We had a fun time getting together and will likely do it again soon. The weather was FANTASTIC. We've had pretty decent January weather coming off of a rainy December. It's cold and gross looking outside today, but I have no complaints. The kiddos played on the playground, we picnicked, and I visited with my mama-friends.

On Tuesday of last week the yuck in James' head finally caught up with him and he was miserable. I kept him home with me, but unfortunately after a week of being home with Will I had things I needed to DO. So James rode with me to Valdosta to shop for things I needed for Will's birthday party. We had to move quickly because we had to be back in time to get Will after Eddie's lunch break. Target, Hobby Lobby, Chick-fil-A and back home in record time! I'll probably shop for his party one last time before I'm officially finished. 

{He looks sick, huh? He has started requesting Chick-fil-A sandwiches recently. I wish they'd make a kids' version of it! Chick-fil-A take note! We want a mini chicken sandwich for kiddos!}

We have enjoyed some rather mild weather lately! Except for today and yesterday, our temperatures have been cool, but not cold, and beautiful! We've enjoyed a LOT of time on our swing set and on the screened porch. I am in search of patio furniture so that I can spend even more time out there.

We've also enjoyed some Wii bowling! The boys played as Papa (Will) and John (James) last week because we've never created a Mii for them. Will thought he was playing but Eddie played for him and he whipped us all!

Our children wind up in our bed almost every night/morning at some point. Last week I had to wake them up at 7:45 - we have to be at school by 8:30 on the days that I work. I haaaaated to wake them. On Saturdays they're up with the chickens.

I have a new baby in my class. He's SEVEN weeks old and compared to my big kids {eight months to a year} he is TEENSY. Oh my goodness, we're going to love snuggling him! We do LOTS of footprint paintings in our class and I stamped his feet to make penguins out of them. They are teeny tiny compared to those big old feet on the other pages. We are going to love having him! {He's another teacher's child - not just some random kid whose mama wanted him in preschool already during rsv/flu season. Lol!}

We have continued to play almost nightly rounds of Ticket to Ride. I cannot imagine playing with more than one other person. I would be so anxious!

This one joined us while we played last week at around 10:30pm. He wanted me to HUSH telling him to go to bed. His HUSH-ing is getting him in trouble recently.

So that's what we did last week. Maybe I'll catch up on this past weekend and this week soon! :) Have a great Tuesday!

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Meggie said...

Loved your catch-up post. Your birthday party shopping stores of preference are mine too. =)