Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Orange Farmers.

Eddie was asked to speak to James' class this week about what he does at work. We laughed a little bit about it because his job isn't something that kiddos can readily understand like a vet or a teacher. He decided to explain to the kids what he does by using an orange. :) He "loaned" James' teachers some quarters to buy what they needed to be orange farmers. He also gave each of the students a quarter and they were able to buy a slice of an orange from their teachers. After the oranges were sold the teachers were able to pay Eddie back for the loan. It was simple, but when asked James said, "Daddy loans money to farmers!" Eddie's co-workers were impressed at James' takeaway, but when asked again this afternoon what Eddie did, James said, "Daddy loans money to that they can grow oranges!" :) Close!


Anna Catherine said...

Cute! At least grown ups understand what he does! People have never heard of mine or Lance's jobs!

Meggie said...

Ok... I must know... Who does he work for? Terrell works for AgSouth and loans money to farmers too. Lol! We have quite a bit in common. =)

Meggie said...

Ok... So I have to ask... Who does he work for?? Terrell works for AgSouth and loans money to farmers too! Haha! We have lots in common. =)