Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Three Christmases...

I didn't take a ton of pictures of our grandparents' Christmases, but I do want to recap for my own sake.

Here's Christmas Eve, by the way:

We got together with Eddie's parents and sister (her husband was working) on Christmas Day afternoon. We had lunch with them and then opened presents. The boys were absolutely BESIDE themselves about opening gifts over there. We were LOADED up once it was all said and done. The boys each got a new {local high school} hat (thrilling for them!), some toys, movies, Wii games...I can't even think of all of it. I think it took us almost two hours to open all of our gifts. We had a fun time over there. At this point Will was on Day 3 of no nap and was exhausted. We actually left Grandmama's and went to Cacky's for supper and Will had to leave early for misbehaving and fell asleep in the car at 7pm and slept until 9am the next morning.

Someone got a mic stand so he can do concerts and include all of his dance moves and still sing into his karaoke machine. LOL!

Papa and YaYa came to our house this year. Anna and Lance live about 2.5 hours from us, John and Kayla live about 2.5 minutes from us, and Dad and Laura live 3 hours from us so we felt a little more central. And let's face it - traveling with two little boys AT CHRISTMAS is no easy feat. We had Christmas with them at our house on Saturday morning. It was a fun time! We gathered again for dinner and played some games. James got a Zoomer robot dog and he and Lance spent the evening training it. The whole family played a Minute-to-Win-it style game where we had to wrap one-handed. On Sunday we went to eat at Cracker Barrel before Dad and Laura left and Anna and I showed up like twins from head to toe. We all four took fat naps on Sunday afternoon.

No shower, no makeup. Don't judge me.

We did our third grandparent Christmas on Sunday night at Mom's house. We did presents before dinner and once again we got lots of fun goodies...and more than we needed. The boys had a Ninja Turtles theme this time around. :) 

And then...Christmas was over. So sad! Now to put all this STUFF away!

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Lauren said...

You and Anna are too cute!!! And that mic!? I NEED that for little-miss-you-know-who!!! Details for sure!