Monday, December 8, 2014

Santa Number One...

On the eighth day of Christmas...

When we moved from Perry I was a little worried about the Santa situation. We always drove to Macon to the Bass Pro there because they have an awesome set up, it's totally free, and you can take your own pictures but they also give you one. It's AWESOME. We had some really fun pictures with Santa there.

Like this one:

And this one:

{This Santa was my FAVORITE. We saw him three years in a row and he took so much time with each child. When he turned James around in the top photo and was talking to him he stopped and waved me over to get that picture over his shoulder. Unfortunately, he wasn't at Bass Pro the next year when it was Will's turn.}

I shouldn't have worried, though, because here we have MULTIPLE opportunities for Santa sightings. This year, our first Santa visit was at our church after James' musical. We got so tickled when he and Mrs. Claus walked in because I've known this Santa since I was in the first grade. I grew up playing with his sons. One of his sons is the boys' dentist and HIS son is Will's best buddy. We love a familiar Santa. (Local friends look closely and you'll recognize him, too!) Will panicked about sitting with Santa so I actually told him who it was. Hopefully, I haven't scarred him for life. We've always told the boys that there are lots of helpers for Santa (because James recognizes that they're not all the same one...). James told Santa that he wanted "The front wheel for a tricycle." Santa asked, "A tricycle?" And James said, "No. Just the front wheel," and walked away. Ummm..WHAT? Finally we figured out that he wants the tricycle at Cacky's house FIXED. It's mine from when I was two so there's a little wear and tear on it, obviously.

We have at LEAST three more Santa sightings lined up. LOL! Santa is our favorite!

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