Sunday, December 21, 2014

Lighting the Candles

On the twenty-first day of Christmas...

Our little family was chosen to light the Advent Wreath at church this morning and thankfully it went off without a hitch! Our preacher's wife joked that Will might be a flame thrower or a flame swallower, but thankfully he was just a curious preschooler that kind of wandered around the pulpit while the rest of us participated. Eddie, James, and I each had a part to read and I was a little nervous (unnecessarily!) about James' part. It was longer than his part had been at the Hanging of the Greens and it wound up being HARD for him to memorize. He can't read yet so I struggled with what we should do. In the end, I came wrote his part out using words and symbols (and I am NO artist) so that he could "read" his part. He never got it exactly right when he practiced and had been a little frustrated about it, but he did it PERFECTLY today! We were so proud! And Will made it through the WHOLE church service without having to go to the nursery! Proud of both boys!

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Lauren said...

Great job James!!! I want to see video! I bet he was so sweet!